Teachings 1993

1993.12.29-T01 Agape and Phileo

1993.12.24-T01Frank and Alice(The Desires of the Flesh are Unquenchable)

1993.08.24-A01No Emotional Forgiveness

1993.08.23-P01The Sacrifice is Not a Ritual

1993.08.23-A01 Failing to Receive Guests

1993.08.21-S01 Worth So Much More!

1993.08.21-A01 Judging our Drink Offering

1993.08.16-A01 Not Being a Negative Element

1993.08.15-P01 Seeking Him

1993.08.14-P01 Strife and Selfish Will

1993.08.14-A01 Covenant of Life and Peace

1993.08.13-P01 The Prayer of the Destitute

1993.08.13-A01 Shout from the Courts

1993.08.12-A01 Fulfilling our Priesthood


1993.08.11-A01 Judging ourselves

1993.08.10-A01 Vitally Connected

1993.08.08-P01 Compassion

1993.08.08-A01 Regarding Invitations

1993.08.07-P01 Thomas

1993.08.07-A01 Streams that Make Glad

1993.08.06-P01 Kindling

1993.07.24-S01 A Disciple who Loved our Master

1993.07.17-P02 Dysfunction 2

1993.07.17-P01 Dysfunction 1

1993.07.17-A01 Completion by Submission

1993.07.16-P01 Affliction

1993.07.16-A01 In Death we will know Exactly why we did not Give Ourselves

1993.07.14-A01 Made fit

1993.07.13-P01 Conjoin

1993.07.12-A01 Dysfunction 3

1993.07.11-A01 The Narrow Door — The Cross

1993.07.10-A01 Trap of the Accuser

1993.07.09-P01 Regarding Outbursts

1993.07.09-A01 Royal Priesthood

1993.07.08-P01 Emergencies

1993.07.08-A01 Strive versus Try

1993.07.06-A01 Forbearing under Mistreatment

1993.07.05-P01 What is Your Vocation?

1993.07.05-A06 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 6 — Belonging to Him

1993.07.05-A05 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 5 — An Acceptable Sacrifice

1993.07.05-A04 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 4 — Saved for Good Deeds

1993.07.05-A03 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 3 — Character

1993.07.05-A02 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 2 — The Wise and the Foolish

1993.07.05-A01 The Firm Foundation of Elohim Stands Part 1 — Response-ability

1993.07.04-A01 Christianity is the Antithesis of His Edah

1993.07.03-B01 Exposing our Withered Condition

1993.07.03-A02 No Rich or Poor in the Church

1993.07.03-A01 Watchmen

1993.07.02-A01 Lightning Comes Before Thunder

1993.07.01-P01 Will He Find Faith?

1993.07.01-A01 Justified by His Blood, Sanctified by His Spirit

1993.06.30-P01 Instructions about Speaking, Praying, Listening, Submitting, and Showing Hospitality

1993.06.24-P01 Worship is Speaking and Serving

1993.06.23-P02 Discord

1993.06.23-P01 Praying in His name

1993.06.23-A01 Spontaneous

1993.06.22-A02 “Once Again…”Malachi 3:18

1993.06.22-A01 Missing the Sacrifice

1993.06.21-A01 Character

1993.06.20-P01 Yes is yes

1993.06.20-A01 You Cannot Confess What You Do Not Have

1993.06.19-B01 Breaking the Sabbath

1993.06.18-A01 The Aspects of the True Gospel

1993.06.17-P01 Looking for wisdom

1993.06.17-A01 Forgive from the heart

1993.06.16-P01 The world is dead

1993.06.16-A01 To Distinguish Between the Righteous and the Wicked

1993.06.15-P01 Seeking Someone to Devour

1993.06.14-A01 What Disciples Do

1993.06.12-A01 Structure of a Nation

1993.06.11-P01 A seed dies

1993.06.11-A01 In His faith

1993.06.08-A01 Attaining to the Resurrection

1993.06.07-P01 You Cannot Be Saved Without Faith

1993.06.07-A01 “As They Observe Them”

1993.06.06-A01 Glory — John 17

1993.04.28-T01 Surrender

1993.03.07-P01 The restoration of Israel

1993.02.22-T01 The New Age Movement Philosophy

1993.02.13-B01 Repairers of the Ancient Ruins, Part 2

1993.02.12-P01 Repairers of the Ancient Ruins, Part 1

1993.02.09-P01 Connotations

1993.02.09-A01 No needy among you

1993.01.27-A01 All have sinned

1993.01.15-P01 Sabbath — for All of God’s People

1993.01.14-P01 Whom Should You Ask?

1993.01.13-P01 Indignation

1993.01.13-A01 Covenant to Keep Him in our Hearts

1993.01.12-A01 Philippians 1:9-10

1993.01.10-P01 Drink Offering of Miriam

1993.01.09-B01 Washings; Alabaster Jar; Weakest Link

1993.01.09-A01 Spirits of the World

1993.01.08-P01 The covenant in our heart

1993.01.08-A01 Proverbs 3:5-6 and Child Training

1993.01.07-P01 Distribution

1993.01.04-A01 Throne of grace

1993.01.03-P01 Sheepfold

1993.01.03-A01 No excuse

1993.01.02-P01 Win your brother back

1993.01.01-P01 The potter’s will

1993.01.01-A01 Friends, One With Another — Ohevi

1993.01.00-T07 “Absent from the Body, present with the Master” 2 Cor 5:6,8,9,10

1993.01.00-T06 Verses from Ecclesiasticus used in the Youth Teaching

1993.01.00-T05 Youth – Bar Mitzvah

1993.01.00-T03 Prevail

1993.01.00-T02 Delight

1993.01.00-T01 Concerning love

1993.01.00-L01 Thankful to be a Son Letter from Yochanan Bekor