European court upholds German move to take kids from sect

Source: The Associated Press-National Post David Rising March 22, 2018 BERLIN — The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday upheld Germany’s decision to take away the children of families in a Christian sect to protect them from being disciplined by caning, agreeing the punishment constituted child abuse and authorities were left with no choice….

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Judgment from European court of Human Rights concerning withdrawal of children from the Twelve Tribes religious organization

Source: CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY DOWLOAD CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY FIFTH SECTION CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY (Applications nos. 11308/16 and 11344/16) JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 22 March 2018   This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may…

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Secte: la CEDH donne raison à l’Allemagne

Source: Agence France Presse-Journal Metro 22 mars 2018 BERLIN — Les autorités allemandes ont eu raison de retirer les enfants vivant au sein d’une secte chrétienne pour les empêcher d’être disciplinés à coups de bâton, a tranché jeudi la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme (CEDH). Le tribunal a confirmé qu’un tel traitement constitue de…

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Germany: Court backs Twelve Tribes Church child care order after human rights corporal punishment dispute

Source: March 22, 2018 – European Convention of Human Rights Human rights judges today endorsed German courts’ decisions to take children belonging to the Twelve Tribes Church into care. In today’s Chamber judgments in the cases of Tlapak and Others v. Germany (nos. 11308/16 and 11344/16) and Wetjen and Others v. Germany (application nos. 68125/14…

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A religious cult makes Kingston its home

Source: The Yellow Deli is across the street from 655 Princess March 9, 2018 In the shadow of a new multi-story student housing development on Princess St., a seemingly-innocuous local restaurant sprung up in the summer of 2016. On its surface, the Yellow Deli is a great spot to grab a Reuben and a…

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República checa: refugio para secta alemana

Fuente: DW – Enfoque Europa Enfoque Europa – Marzo 2018 República checa: refugio para secta alemana Una secta cristiana deja Alemania tras ser condenada por maltrato infantil. Un miembro del culto fue sentenciado a prisión y algunos niños quedaron a cargo de la Oficina de Minoridad. Pero el grupo encontró un nuevo hogar en la…

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