* A safe haven in New Jersey set up by ex-member Samie Brosseau to help other ex-members to transition into new life: Liberation point

* A safe haven near Boston run by Bob and Judy Pardon: Meadow Haven

* the New England Institute of Religious Research:

* Cult Education Institute: Information on the Twelve Tribes/Messianic communities gathered by Cult Education Institute

* International Cultic Studies Association, ICSA:

*Freedom of Mind Resource Center:

* Families against cult teachings and abuses:

*Cult news:

* Religion News blog:

* Apologetics Index:

* archives till 2008 by ex-member blogger:

* archives till 2009, from concerned locals in Ithaca NY, Ithacans opposed to the Twelve Tribes cult:

* US activist: No 12 nation

* US concerned citizen’s blog: Twelve Tribes is a cult

* US concerned blogger: Cult busters galactica

* US blogger in Ithaca (different from iottc): The Twelve Tribes

* A blog dedicated to the Twelve Tribes in Ithaca: Twelve tribes Ithaca

* US activist after staying one year among them: The Twelve Tribes Community is a cult

* a website by US ex-member: Twelve

* a list of anti-cult individuals and organisations: wikipedia/anti-cult

* Child Friendly Faith Project a US charity that seeks to end religious child maltreatment which is defined as child abuse or neglect that is enabled by, or justified with, religious belief, scripture, or doctrine.

* Religious Maltreatment website exposes a dark side of faith that many people don’t know much about—religious child maltreatment.

* List of websites recommended by Religious Maltreatment website

* Cult experts, intervention experts: Intervention 101



* Archives till 2011 from an ex-cult member blogger:

* Association/website in french and english: Info-cult/secte

* Blog: No 12 nation


United Kingdom

* Hope Valley Counselling in the Derbyshire Peak District

* Cult Information Centre:

* FECRIS: European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects

* The Family Survival Trust:



* Cult Information and Family Support:

* Expert cult advise and legal support in Melbourne led by Raphael Aaron: Cult

* Ex-member blog, Life in the Twelve Tribes Communities exposed:

* Ex-member blog, Twelve Tribes ex-member? me too !

* Brisbane- based association for info and support: Cult Information service


Germany (in English)

A note to help research,Twelve Tribes is Zwolf Stamme in German.

* Yashua, Hineni!:

* Homeschoolers Anonymous:

* Facebook group (mainly in German but also in English): 12 Stamme-Twelve Tribes Infos und Aufklarung/Kritik


France (in French)

A note to help research: the TT Community in France is referred to as “Tabitha’s Place” or “la secte de Tabitha’s Place” more often than as “ Les Douze Tribus “(the Twelve Tribes in French)

* association: Info secte

* a website active until 2010: Prevensectes:

* a website/association, UNADFI:

* a website : Dérive sectaire

* a website/Association for support to victims of cults: CCMM


Spain (in Spanish)

A note to help research: the TT Communities are called las Doce Tribus ( Twelve Tribes in Spanish)

* A website/association REDUNE,

Here is the link to the dossier on the TT in Red Une Info Ayuda overblog, Dossier sobre la comunidad coercitiva 12 Tribus – 2013

* A website/association EDUCASECTAS:

* A website/association Hemero Sectas: tribus