After leaving the sect: no roots and no wings to fly

Source: Spiegel Online / Schulspiegel Original title: Leben nach der Sekte: “Ich habe keine Wurzeln und keine Kraft zu fliegen” Published: Monday 27 January 2014 Link: Pdf: No roots and no wings to fly   After leaving the sect: no roots and no wings to fly She was born into a sect and whipped…

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Court prohibits Twelve Tribes school operations

Die Welt January 24, 2014 Translated from the German The Twelve Tribes can no longer operate their own private school. They are a Bible-based sect who follows the teachings of their “Apostle” – Elbert Eugene Spriggs. The Twelve Tribes lost the chance to operate their private school because of unqualified “teachers.” The Bavarian Ministry of…

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Controversial sect: court bans “Twelve Tribes” school

  Translated from the German Spiegel Online January 24, 2014 The controversial sect of “Twelve tribes” can no longer operate a school because the sect lost a corresponding process before the Administrative Court of Augsburg. The sect had operated since 2006 a so-called supplementary school. As early as last November, the Swabian government of Bavaria…

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Twelve Tribes Germany update 9 / 2013 December 3

The original post written by Jennifer Stahl can be found here: Yeshua Hineni Twelve Tribes Part 9 Here are the recent updates on the Twelve Tribes in Germany:   Complaints from parents of the controversial sect “twelve tribes” against the provisional withdrawal of custody has mostly been rejected the Nuremberg Higher Regional Court (OLG). [Source]…

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