Court prohibits Twelve Tribes school operations

Die Welt
January 24, 2014
Translated from the German

The Twelve Tribes can no longer operate their own private school. They are a Bible-based sect who follows the teachings of their “Apostle” – Elbert Eugene Spriggs. The Twelve Tribes lost the chance to operate their private school because of unqualified “teachers.”

The Bavarian Ministry of Culture removed the Twelve Tribes in the summer of 2013 from operating a private school in Klosterzimmern in the district of Donau-Ries.

The Twelve Tribes resubmitted their application for a private school but the proceedings are still pending in two cities.

For several years the Bible-based cult (Twelve Tribes) operated their own private school because the sect parents refused to send their children to state schools.

Later, authorities removed several dozen children from Swabia and Franconia because of allegations of child abuse and beatings. In most cases, the courts approve of temporary removal of parental custody. However, the process continues in the family courts of Nördlingen and Ansbach.

The Administrative Court has now banned the physical punishment of children. As a Bible-based sect the Bible commands them to punish their children before the doors of the classroom, said a court spokesman.

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