Criticisms from ex-members and relatives

Source: Wikipedia These paragraphs were written in 2015 as part of the Wikipedia entry on the Twelve Tribes. They stayed until a certain Twelve Tribes member fulfilling his role as a watchdog deleted the whole section in one go. Many are the testimonies written and verbal by ex-members and their relatives (1)(2) which can be…

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TT: Wikipedia Whitewashers

August 15, 2007 When associates of Diebold, Walmart, Monsanto, the Mormons, the Church of Scientology  and the Republican Party see something embarrassing on their Wikipedia page, they don’t worry much about the truth content of the information, or about Wikipedia’s Neutral Point of View policy, they just remove the irksome entry and often put text…

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Common Ground, Common Thieves

Cheryl L ex-member experiences I first encountered “Reya” (Bill Johnson) and “Olah” (Kathy Johnson) after reading a newspaper article describing the Twelve Tribes communal group in Lakeview, N.Y. in October of 1995.  Upon meeting the larger household with whom they lived, Twelve Tribes members greeted me with smiles, hugs, compliments, tea, Hebrew dancing and testimonies….

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