Judgment from European court of Human Rights concerning withdrawal of children from the Twelve Tribes religious organization

Source: CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY DOWLOAD CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY FIFTH SECTION CASE OF TLAPAK AND OTHERS v. GERMANY (Applications nos. 11308/16 and 11344/16) JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 22 March 2018   This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may…

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Germany: Court backs Twelve Tribes Church child care order after human rights corporal punishment dispute

Source: March 22, 2018 – European Convention of Human Rights Human rights judges today endorsed German courts’ decisions to take children belonging to the Twelve Tribes Church into care. In today’s Chamber judgments in the cases of Tlapak and Others v. Germany (nos. 11308/16 and 11344/16) and Wetjen and Others v. Germany (application nos. 68125/14…

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Twelve Tribes “Constitution”, sign on the dotted line

Source: Twelve Tribes ex-member, me too! blog – April 2015 Since March 2014, date the Twelve Tribes Constitution was written, if you want to become a member in the Twelve Tribes in France (Tabitha’s Place) you’ll have to sign a paper discharging them of any responsibility towards you…..yep, you’ve heard it, the TT are putting…

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