Samie Brosseau

“My worst day as a free soul is far better than my best day in captivity.” Samie Brosseau runs Liberation Point, a charitable organization that helps people who come out of cults integrate into society: Here are the links to articles and videos about Samantha  (Samie) Brosseau, from more recent to older June 2018: A&E…

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Letter to Twelve Tribes members

I have a letter for you and I hope you read it all the way to the end…. I first wrote this 12 years ago while I was in Meadow Haven with Bob and Judy Pardon as a resident in the only long term residential exit counseling program for cult victims in the world.…

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State finds ‘multiple’ child labor law violations at Twelve Tribes Farm

Source: TimesUnion Inside Edition first exposed potential child workers at Cambridge cosmetics factory By Larry Rulison Updated 7:23 am, Wednesday, June 6, 2018 CAMBRIDGE — The state Labor Department found multiple violations of state child labor laws at the Common Sense Farm in Washington County after visiting the Twelve Tribes commune on Monday following an “Inside…

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Ex-member interviewed about his new book

April 2018: Interviewed by Sea to Sea (a youtube program of mystery and paranormal) Sinasta Colucci has a  candid but serious long look at his experiences as a “disciple of Yahshua”. He shares his insights with lightheartedness and invites us to read his newly published book: “Better than a Turkish prison, what I have learned…

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República checa: refugio para secta alemana

Fuente: DW – Enfoque Europa Enfoque Europa – Marzo 2018 República checa: refugio para secta alemana Una secta cristiana deja Alemania tras ser condenada por maltrato infantil. Un miembro del culto fue sentenciado a prisión y algunos niños quedaron a cargo de la Oficina de Minoridad. Pero el grupo encontró un nuevo hogar en la…

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Twelve Tribes documentary 2015 from Spain

Here is the complete documentary with embedded English subtitles that takes us to the Spanish community. Following the 2013 raid of the German community and the state of Bavaria putting all their children in the care of foster parents and in youth state centers, there is a strong concern that the same childabuse which was…

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