A sad echo from across the seas: “They’re still at it!”

Source:The Chronicle, Vermont, 17 September 2013 by nataliehormilla  In this Chronicle file photo, a Vermont state trooper carries a bundle of wooden rods out of a restaurant owned by the Island Pond community on June 22, 1984.   “They’re still at it!” That’s what we said when we read the astounding news that on September…

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From Commune to College: One Young Woman’s Road to Independence

Samantha Brosseau was raised in a strict Christian commune. At age 18, she decided to run away to escape her oppressive lifestyle and go to college – but leaving wasn’t nearly as simple as she’d hoped. Tonic, California/July 19, 2010 By Lisa DeBenedictis Samantha Brosseau twists her ring around her finger absentmindedly. It consists of…

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Twelve Tribes: A Cult of ‘Demonic Seducing Spirits’

Source: Ithacans opposed to the Twelve Tribes cult  He was looking to serve God with like-minded people. He thought communal living could be spiritually lifting, a way of life rare enough to spark his interest in his quest to serve God. And members of the Twelve Tribes, with their smiles and façades of happy living,…

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The cult that scourges children

Copied from Twelve Tribes-ex.com, original publication date sometime after 1984 This is a place where reality wobbles like a table with one short leg.  Here, some say Walt Disney characters are evil and the world is satanic.  Here – in the name of God children are often beaten, denied medical care, held out of school…

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