About us

This web site is devoted to the welfare of all children that have been exposed to the Twelve Tribes in any local jurisdiction and internationally. We are a voice for the children first, ex twelve tribes members /parents second, and family members on the outside affected by this high control (cult ) organization called “Twelve Tribes”.

We are collecting information as a “open source intelligence file”, we are composed of a growing number of people approximately multiple hundreds world wide. “Question12tribes.com “  web site, like the web site “twelvetribes-ex.com” and the rest of the extensive network of people working to bring light to the dark subject of the “Twelve Tribes’ make up a bonafide political movement world wide. Our group continues to expand, and we continue to document in all mediums, paper documents, video, audio , and testimony in private and public the critical information that all interested parties would need to know to make an informed understanding of exactly “who ” and “what” the “Twelve Tribes ” are.

In a classic cult fashion when you first meet/encounter the Twelve Tribes the sophisticated façade holds a very different perception than of those who have spent years and decades living and working with this Twelve Tribes. This web site is devoted to helping anyone to find key information and to help bring forward all necessary questions that should be asked to all relevant parties, current “elders ” of the Twelve Tribes, ex members of the Twelve Tribes (victims , for those who clearly identify themselves as such), family members on the outside affected, all government officials including police local/national/international, and any organization that has dealing with the Twelve Tribes.

We want to include here in our “about us ” section an open challenge to any existing member of the Twelve Tribes, any elder of the Twelve Tribes, and the present day leaders replacing Gene Spriggs since his passing, to answer a list of questions presented throughout this web site.  To date we have not received any response. We ask for a public discussion or “debate” as some American Twelve Tribes members and elders like “Eddie Wiseman” did on the American TV show from the 90′s. To date that has not been accepted either. The silence of current members of the Twelve Tribes and the elders of the Twelve Tribes is deafening to the members of this web site.

We openly ask for help on every level regarding this effort. We ask for information that someone might know, contacts that someone might have, we ask for help to just talk and we are here to help talk. We ask for time, essays, testimony, donations, help with research, and above all else we ask you to help the children inside and out of the Twelve Tribes.   The children need a voice, as to date no one is officially speaking on their behalf, and child welfare agencies are slow to react to the obvious, and extensive explosion of information that clearly indicates the children are in a very unhealthy environment on one end of a spectrum to nothing less then systematic child abuse on the other end. Each member and ex member of the Twelve Tribes have their own story , and not every child’s experience is the same. BUT WHAT IS CLEAR AT THIS POINT, IS BEYOND THE INDIVIDUAL STORIES THERE IS A CLEAR AND CONSISTENT POLICY WITHIN THE TWELVE TRIBES TO CONTROL MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT OF THE CHILDREN. This is spelled out in their two “child training ” manuals linked by PDF for the first time world wide on this web site.

The authorities in Germany and France in the years 2013 and 2015 have taken direct action about the information and evidence this web site and victims are speaking about world wide. We continue to 100% respect the privacy of any ex member and any child not only to the letter of the law, but beyond that, to realize the stories are deep and long and many people have  a difficult time reporting their story and it is difficult to hear their stories. We seek healing for all members, all children, all ex members, and we seek justice and accountability for the words, actions of the elders, tribal heads, apostolic leaders and Gene Spriggs.

Please help, please respect, and please realize this is a journey for all of us, and please be a VOICE FOR THE CHILDREN.

On behalf of all children, ex members, and family members who do identify accurately as “victims” let our voice be heard.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts