The Ugly Truth Behind Real-Life Cults (inc. 12 T.)

Source: VANITY FAIR,The Path Fact-Checked: The Ugly Truth Behind Real-Life Cults The new Hulu drama premieres on Wednesday. by Julie Miller March 30, 2016 5:55 pm When Jessica Goldberg first sat down to create The Path—the hour-long Hulu drama about family members in a fictional cult—she focused first on the core marital couple, played by…

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Preserved Seed Farm in the Czech Republic

March 22, 2016 Translated from the Czech (Cheryl – web mistress) The Twelve Tribes is a Bible-based group and they use the Hebrew name Yahshua (Jesus) for the Son of God. Communal children cannot engage in fantasy or play with toys or watch television or listen to worldly music. Books, newspapers, libraries, radio, Internet and…

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This Woman Was Raised By a Notorious Cult. Here’s How She Finally Got Away.

Source: Project Literacy-March 2016 by Kirstin Kelley 15 March 2016 This story is part of an ongoing campaign called the Alphabet of Illiteracy. By using letters themselves—the foundation of reading and writing—Project Literacy examines the ways illiteracy underpins some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Below, we explore the letter R for “radicalization.”  For many of us, cults are…

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Cette femme a grandit dans une secte bien connue du public. Voici comment elle arriva enfin à s’en échapper

Source: Project literacy 15 mars 2016 Article traduit par l ‘UNADFI-12 avril 2016 titre: `This Woman Was Raised By a Notorious Cult. Here’s How She Finally Got Away.` Education et mouvements sectaires L’analphabétisme n’est pas une condition préalable de l’adhésion à un groupe sectaire, mais il contribue au défaut de la pensée critique. Le Consortium…

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