Ex Twelve Tribes testimonies, writings, interviews


Ex-member raised in French 12 Tribes shares his plightText file

Testimony of Evelyne Massit - Here

2015 Interview of French young man who grew up in the TT


I had no childhood, I have toiled – Joe Brian Reip testimony

A former member recounts his experiences of violence in the Twelve Tribes cult

The childhood is destroyed – PDF File – Christian Reip testimony

After leaving the sect: no roots and no wings to fly

Robert Pleyer “Satan never sleeps” book in German


Writings by ex-member S.:

Testimony of Matthew Klein – MatthewKleinTestimony2016

ABC Australia-Interview of Matthew Klein

CBC Canada-Interview of Matthew Klein

Writings by Rosemary Cruzado:

Youtube presentation by Rosemary Cruzado: Twelve Tribes cult mind control


2019 Radio interview of Kate Wiseman on Phemale radio

2018 Documentary: A&E Cults and Extreme beliefs-Twelve Tribes – Samie Brosseau (Liberation Point)

Interview of Shua Jones 2018

Letter to members of the Twelve Tribes, by couple of ex-members

Better than a Turkish prison, book by US ex-member Sinasta J. Colucci

Interview of US ex-member Sinasta J, Colucci

Samantha Brosseau: From commune to college, a young woman’s road to independence

also about Samantha Brosseau: What’s your story? Samie Brosseau

Samie Brosseau: a post that gathers all articles/videos

Writings by Cheryl

Testimony of Rebecca Gonyaw, raised in Island Pond community

Shuah and Noah Jones, siblings raised in USA communities

132 Reasons why a past member left the cult

“Woman wasted 21 years”, Jo Ellen Griffin

The Community, written by teenage girl who grew up there.

Laurie Johnson

Sameness spoils commune life for ex-member- Interview with ex TT member Cheryl Lewczyk and her mother Shirley

Testimony from woman who grew up in the communities in USA

Noah Wiseman, articles and interviews

Couple’s marriage almost foundered (Chattanooga, 1980)

The needless suffering and death of Nathaniel (Daniel) Kirby

From a former Yellow Deli worker-Chattanooga

The Community, story of Natasha-1998

Melinda, a Christian raised young woman who joined the Vine Community Church in 1977  tells of her involvement which ended with the help of her parents and cult expert Ted Patrick-1979


14 March 2009-Story of a former member of the community of Twelve Tribes in Spain

20 august 2007-Prisoner of the Twelve Tribes