The Doomsday Prophets on Main Street

Source: The Boston Globe By Christopher Dreher  |  October 23, 2005 Massachusetts has long been fertile ground for religious sects like Twelve Tribes. The group has already settled in Plymouth, Dorchester, Hyannis, and Athol. Newton, Wellesley, and Harvard Square may be next for a group that requires members to give up their possessions, follow the…

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The Hate Group and the Grassroots Music Fest

Source: by Michael I. Niman 7/15/10 Adapted from ArtVoice 10/20/05 It certainly seems wholesome enough, a small tea house with staffed by friendly smiling and seemingly down to earth folks. What’s not readily apparent is that shoppers on four continents are simultaneously walking into Mate Factor and Yerba Mate tea houses or Common Ground…

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The food co-op and the hate group

Source: Published: October 20, 2005 Links: Pdf: 20051020 The food co-op and the hate group It certainly seems wholesome enough, looking at the shelves of fresh locally baked organic whole grain bread lined up at my local food co-op in Buffalo. Each neatly bagged loaf bears the homey label of the Common Ground…

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