US cult expert+sociologist warns of child abuse in the 12 Tribes+2 other cults

Source: International Journal of Cultic Studies Volume 1, 2010, 27-48 Original title of essay (The Northeast Kingdom Community is short for Northeast Kingdom Community Church, name the 12 Tribes had previously): House of Judah, the Northeast Kingdom Community, and ‘the Jonestown Problem’ Downplaying Child Physical Abuses and Ignoring Serious Evidence Stephen A. Kent Department of…

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Children and the Cult

Source: New England Monthly/December 1984 By Barbara Grizzuti Harrison NOTES: Barbara Harrison went to Island Pond and saw this bizarre cult in its daily life, interviewing various members, and learning what it is like to face fiercely judgmental hatred. She was especially concerned for the welfare of viciously treated children. In 1971 a carnival barker…

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Father battles sect over custody of girl Source: Boston Globe article archived by Factnet and Xenu directory By Colin Nickerson Globe STaff ISLAND POND, Vt. – lt’s been a year now since Juan Mattatall last saw his youngest daughter, Lydia, 3 years old. He knows where she is: Europe. And he knows who she’s with:…

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The Kingdom at Island Pond

Source:Factnet archives via xenu directory 29 November 1982 MARK STARR with MARSHA ZABARSKY in Island Pond Folks in the tiny Vermont village of Island Pond (population: 1,542), nestled in rugged mountains near the Canadian border, like to say they live in “God’s country.” But lately residents have begun to fear that some of their neighbors…

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