Emunah’s stories

These are real anecdotes from a real woman who spent many years in the Twelve Tribes communities in the US. We will call her Emunah. For the sake of discretion names of places and people have been abreviated. As you’ll see these accounts of everyday life speak volumes of the spirit animating the leadership and…

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Boulder’s Yellow Deli facing eviction over condo association concerns

Source: Daily Camera Boulder County Business By Shay CastleStaff Writer Posted:   06/09/2017   Philip Corley makes a fruit salad at the Yellow Deli on Pearl Street on Friday. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer) Boulder’s Yellow Deli might be forced out of business after its fellow property owners at 900 West Pearl voted for changes…

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WWOOFers Comments & experiences

WWOOFers in France (link here to translated article) We did some woofing in a “community” . After a warm welcome by the charismatic leader, we gradually realized that it was a real cult. All people have Hebrew names, beard (for men!) A scarf (for women) and a diadem on their heads. The first days were…

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Totally broke, need assistance, family just came out of the TT

Please go their Go Fund Me donation page: https://www.gofundme.com/totally-broke-need-assistance My four kids and I began our lives in February, ending a 20+ years long experience in the The Twelve Tribes. Friends and family have been extremely helpful, but starting out financially has been difficult.Recently, someone we trusted crashed our car, and will not own up….

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Quotes confirming Spriggs Authority

Spriggs Receives Unparalleled Adulation, Praise and Position “It grieves me that I was not connected or attached to Yoneq (Spriggs) ….Dullness prompted me to call you, when Yoneq should have been the one I sought wisdom from….All this stuff about Ayal’s baptism came about without Yoneq’s approval or knowledge of what was happening!” “Yoneq wants…

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