Twelve Tribes abuse their free work force

RTL News September 15, 2013 Translated from the German (Cheryl – web mistress of Twelve Tribes More and more information is received about the Twelve Tribes Bible-based cult.  Sect parents bash their children with the rod. A new terrible realization: maybe some of us have experienced more contact with this cult, than intended.  Perhaps…

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The Twelve Tribes Money Machine

Source: yattblogspot 2008 February 18, 2008 The life of the typical Twelve Tribes member is very simple.  Women’s dresses and “Sus” pants are hand made and most other clothes are bought at thrift stores.  Much of the communities organic food is self grown.  Members have given up all their possessions and do not have worldly…

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Danos causados por algumas seitas e NMR (ref. as Doze Tribos)

Source: Acidigital    /  related paper from ICSA:–a-conference-for-scholars-policy-makers-csj-3-1 Lic. José Maria Baamonde Apesar do que normalmente a sociedade acredita, são muitos os danos causados por certos novos movimentos religiosos e não somente no âmbito das pessoas que aderem ou seus familiares mais próximos. A seguir consignaremos uma lista elaborada pela Wingspread Conference, reunida na cidade…

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