Twelve Tribes abuse their free work force

RTL News
September 15, 2013
Translated from the German (Cheryl – web mistress of Twelve Tribes
More and more information is received about the Twelve Tribes Bible-based cult.  Sect parents bash their children with the rod.
A new terrible realization: maybe some of us have experienced more contact with this cult, than intended.  Perhaps we have even patronized their businesses?
More and more gruesome details from the cult “Twelve Tribes” comes to light as the young people “work” as cheap construction workers.  They have not received high school diplomas and their “education” is inferior says former Twelve Tribes member Holger.  They must do hard labor and work on building sites and receive no wage for their work.  These young people are all around us, and no one notices what is done to them.

An increasing number of former Twelve Tribes members in touch with us to talk about their terrible time with the “12 Tribes sect.”  They cry because they can hardly stand their images – and because they themselves were part of the cult.  Children were and are brutally beaten in that cult.  Finally there is evidence!  The film recordings, of RTL journalist Wolfram Kuhnigk showed that children were and currently are systematically abused and thrashed in that cult

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