More than good food part1

This initial video begins to explore a few issues related to the Twelve Tribes and their business fronts Yellow Deli and farmer’s market booth, which are used to recruit and fundraise in Nelson, BC Canada. The main topics that are featured here are “child discipline” trans/homo-phobia and the structure of the organization behind the Twelve…

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The Jungian Psychology behind the Twelve Tribes Cult

Part One An Interview I did with Darryl Verville, an excellent (and highly rated) program focusing on the Jungian psychology behind groups like the Twelve Tribes. Darryl speaks in a frank way about his personal experiences with the Twelve Tribes. It should be noted that Darryl also has extensive background with intentional communities, tribal clans…

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Man convicted after ‘bizarre’ child-porn confession

Source: PrinceGeorge Citizen newspaper Peter JAMES / Staff writer July 3, 2013 01:00 AM In a case Crown prosecutor Geoffrey McDonald called “comical” and defence lawyer Keith Jones termed “bizarre,” a former Prince George resident was handed a 45-day jail sentence Tuesday for possessing child pornography. Ross Haynes Sandwell, 42, pled guilty to one charge…

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12 Tribes & The Preservation Seed

Source: Download original PDF: kazine9 Two mountains lie forever spooning each other against the encrusted cluster of little lit houses below me. My friend Parizeau and I sit high on slabs of rock in Gyro Park, pounding back Goldschlager and smoking. I had managed to arrange an interview with a member of the Twelve…

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