More than good food part1

This initial video begins to explore a few issues related to the Twelve Tribes and their business fronts Yellow Deli and farmer’s market booth, which are used to recruit and fundraise in Nelson, BC Canada. The main topics that are featured here are “child discipline” trans/homo-phobia and the structure of the organization behind the Twelve Tribes cult. Please share your stories below or on our facebook page: To provide contact about testimonials or to make a donation to help with future productions, please email us at:

One Comment On “More than good food part1”

  1. Danny*Hexadecimal_Queer

    LOL, now they aren’t homophobic but already transphobic.
    I wonder what their attitude towards third sex, intersexuality, non-binary gender and the rest of the 666 new sexes is.

    Makes me shudder reading stuff like that “trans*whatever”. What a messed up world

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