The Jungian Psychology behind the Twelve Tribes Cult

Part One

An Interview I did with Darryl Verville, an excellent (and highly rated) program focusing on the Jungian psychology behind groups like the Twelve Tribes.

Darryl speaks in a frank way about his personal experiences with the Twelve Tribes. It should be noted that Darryl also has extensive background with intentional communities, tribal clans and land stewardship groups, focusing on an indigenous cultural perspective.
Present in the studio with us is Walter, a Nelson cultural figure, who adds a solidness and focus to the discussion.

Darryl presents his experiences with the Twelve Tribes as seen through the various concepts of Jungian Psychology such as the Shadow, Archetypal consciousness and the Collective Unconscious.

It is a fascinating show and Darryl examines the 12 Tribes with a wholesome dignity that truly reflects his genuine concern.

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