Samie Brosseau

Samie Brosseau

“My worst day as a free soul is far better than my best day in captivity.”

Samie Brosseau runs Liberation Point, a charitable organization that helps people who come out of cults integrate into society:

Here are the links to articles and videos about Samantha  (Samie) Brosseau, from more recent to older

June 2018: A&E documentary Cults and extreme beliefs-Twelve Tribes-Samie Brosseau

December 2012: What’s your story?

July 2010: From commune to college, one young woman’s road to independence


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  1. Samie, the A&E doc is interesting.
    I wish it had a less ominous soundtrack which IMO was not necessary. My 9-month stay in the Community taught me a lot. For many years I told friends I had been in “a borderline Christian cult” but since then I’ve changed my mind. The fact that they think they are the only True Church, the fact that all the “anointing” is from Mr. Spriggs, the group-think and enforced conformity mean it IS a cult/sect.
    One inconsistency in the doc: the young film-maker leans into Eddy Wiseman’s car in a very confrontational way, making sensational claims of child abuse. Then later, in the car-conversation you ask why things always need to be so confrontational with TT. The young director getting in Wiseman’s face was the confrontational one, I think.
    I defend the Community’s right to discipline kids with a light wooden rod in the palm. I don’t agree with the nanny-state “never-correct-or-touch-a-child” school of thought. I have been a child-development social worker since my days with the TT and encountered many divergent thought on this. In my brief time with the TT I never saw any harsh or abusive attitudes toward kids. (Maybe behind the scenes . . . but in any community there are parents who are too harsh. In my wife’s culture a horrendous level of brutality toward children is considered normal.) The State of VT was acting totalitarian when they raided Island Pond in the 80′s and it is inexcusable IMO.
    I did sense way too much group-think and cult of personality going on within the Community. TT members should be free to live in their sect, erroneous as their doctrines may be. They should also be free to leave, and “leap with joy” when they are condemned and shunned by the herd, as Christ encouraged us to do when opposed by Pharisaical religious fanatics. It makes Galatians current and relevant to all involved. TT Community looked like the Acts 2nd chapter True Church when I first met them. Their publications are well-written to appeal to young and idealistic dissident-types. But I found out it is NOT the “True Community” of Acts. There is no such true community anywhere on earth. The Church in Corinth was a mess !
    Let God be true and every man a liar.
    Best wishes,
    El D.

  2. I have a friend and his wife and 3 children who were about to join a Twelve Tribe community in North Carolina. My son and I talked them out of it; especially after watching a TV Presentation of the tribes and how they actually work. Now my friend is working to help another couple get out of the same group he and family were in. It is very dangerous to help others, but he feels it is well work doing, I have been a Pastor for many years, and was able to help them through understanding the Bible. Bless your Work. Glen.

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