Samie Brosseau

Samie Brosseau

“My worst day as a free soul is far better than my best day in captivity.”

Samie Brosseau runs Liberation Point, a charitable organization that helps people who come out of cults integrate into society:

Here are the links to articles and videos about Samantha  (Samie) Brosseau, from more recent to older

June 2018: A&E documentary Cults and extreme beliefs-Twelve Tribes-Samie Brosseau

December 2012: What’s your story?

July 2010: From commune to college, one young woman’s road to independence


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  1. Samie, the A&E doc is interesting.
    I wish it had a less ominous soundtrack which IMO was not necessary. My 9-month stay in the Community taught me a lot. For many years I told friends I had been in “a borderline Christian cult” but since then I’ve changed my mind. The fact that they think they are the only True Church, the fact that all the “anointing” is from Mr. Spriggs, the group-think and enforced conformity mean it IS a cult/sect.
    One inconsistency in the doc: the young film-maker leans into Eddy Wiseman’s car in a very confrontational way, making sensational claims of child abuse. Then later, in the car-conversation you ask why things always need to be so confrontational with TT. The young director getting in Wiseman’s face was the confrontational one, I think.
    I defend the Community’s right to discipline kids with a light wooden rod in the palm. I don’t agree with the nanny-state “never-correct-or-touch-a-child” school of thought. I have been a child-development social worker since my days with the TT and encountered many divergent thought on this. In my brief time with the TT I never saw any harsh or abusive attitudes toward kids. (Maybe behind the scenes . . . but in any community there are parents who are too harsh. In my wife’s culture a horrendous level of brutality toward children is considered normal.) The State of VT was acting totalitarian when they raided Island Pond in the 80′s and it is inexcusable IMO.
    I did sense way too much group-think and cult of personality going on within the Community. TT members should be free to live in their sect, erroneous as their doctrines may be. They should also be free to leave, and “leap with joy” when they are condemned and shunned by the herd, as Christ encouraged us to do when opposed by Pharisaical religious fanatics. It makes Galatians current and relevant to all involved. TT Community looked like the Acts 2nd chapter True Church when I first met them. Their publications are well-written to appeal to young and idealistic dissident-types. But I found out it is NOT the “True Community” of Acts. There is no such true community anywhere on earth. The Church in Corinth was a mess !
    Let God be true and every man a liar.
    Best wishes,
    El D.

    • You have no right to defend child abuse when you haven’t experienced it. Have you ever been beaten with a rod? Sammie is an inspiration. I only wish I had half the courage it took her to speak her truth. As one of the children who experienced first hand the torture you endorse, I’d like to tell you to go to hell.

  2. I have a friend and his wife and 3 children who were about to join a Twelve Tribe community in North Carolina. My son and I talked them out of it; especially after watching a TV Presentation of the tribes and how they actually work. Now my friend is working to help another couple get out of the same group he and family were in. It is very dangerous to help others, but he feels it is well work doing, I have been a Pastor for many years, and was able to help them through understanding the Bible. Bless your Work. Glen.

  3. Samie,

    I just watched your documentary on A&E and wanted to reach out.

    I applaud your courage and determination in securing your freedom from the nightmare in which you grew up. You are absolutely right: God delights in us and desires for us to be free.

    Your witness and your desire to help others are a blessing to all who watched the program and all who need your message to live their own lives of freedom, joy, and happiness.

    Many blessings to you.

  4. Hi Samie,
    I have just watched the A&E documentary and felt compelled to find a way to contact you and say how supremely impressed I am with your strength and bravery. You have an amazing warrior spirit. I wish you the best!

  5. I saw the show on A&E too, I was waiting for the 12 tribes one to come on and I saw it last night. I used to live next door to these guys on Bathurst Road in Katoomba, NSW, Australia. I didn’t have much to do with them, they put one of their “Common Ground” cafes in Katoomba quite a few years ago now, they changed it to “Yellow Deli” a while back. I didn’t go there much, but when people came to visit I used to take them there, because it is kind of a cool cafe, run by this weirdo cult. You know, if people want to join a cult, then whatever floats your boat, but dragging children into it? That sucks, but I guess that part of being in a cult is breeding the next generation.

    Do you know much about the story of Eden? Christians like to tell you this stuff about how they rebelled because they disobeyed God and they gained free will and stuff, but it’s just not true. It wasn’t about a rebellion, it was about people claiming to have the knowledge of good & evil. Every religion in the world, I don’t care if your name is Jesus, Mohammed, or the Buddha, every religion in the world tries to tell us “this is good, that is evil,” but this is exactly the problem with the world. It’s like this, when you say “I am good, you are evil,” you give yourself the right to punish a person, to do harm to them, but who gets to decide who is good and who is evil? Majority rules? God’s rules? Which God? You can believe whatever you want to believe, but unless God Himself has descended from Heaven in the presence of us all and said “this is good, that is evil,” then you cannot possibly know which prophet to believe, so what to do? Plead ignorance, “I have no knowledge of good and evil, I am not like God.” Have you read the story of Eden? What happens? After they eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they believe they are doing something wrong by being naked, God confronts them, “who told you that you were naked?” Adam says “I am good, she is evil,” Eve says “I am good, the serpent is evil.” This is the final proof for God that mankind has been corrupted and they are expelled from Eden.

    You know, this knowledge of good and evil thing, it’s all a lie, no one has the knowledge of good and evil, people just think they do. No person ever truly believes themselves to be evil. Adolf Hitler believed he was the saviour of the German people, he said “I am good, Jews are evil.” Osama bin Laden said “I am good, America is evil.” George W Bush said “I am good, Saddam is evil.” Islamic State said “we are good, the infidels are evil.” What do you think would be the one thing that offends God? That’s right, passing judgement, playing God, and what is a sin but a crime against God?

    Sorry, I’m rambling. Just remember, don’t let anyone else tell you what to do, and don’t tell anyone else what to do. You have no knowledge of good and evil, you are not like God. Anyone who tries to control other people, they were driven in disgrace from Eden. The knowledge of good and evil is an illusion, people only think they have the knowledge of good and evil. Sorry, I’ll shut up. It just helps to know this stuff, I spent a lot of time worrying about which religion to believe, it set me free to know that it’s a simple as saying “I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.”

    Your friend,

  6. Thank you for your encouragement and support! Anyone who wants to get involved or needs assistance is welcome to contact me through my website at, email my team at or send us mail us at 96 Linwood Plaza, Suite 309, Fort Lee, NJ. 07024.

  7. Lance Scheffer Alexander

    I’m curious, as a drug and alcohol counselor in Westchester County New York, do you offer this type of counseling at your facility? It seems like an important part of the lives of so many who leave these type of situations. I would be more than happy to discuss and help you with this in any way, shape, or form that you may need.

    • Sure Lance… Sure you’d be MORE than happy to “DISCUSS” and “HELP” her in any way, shape or form. Does THIS woman seem stupid or gullible to you knowing what she’s been through and the wisdom she has having to come to the realizations she’s had to in her life?


    • This is a thoughtful point to make. People who have lived through traumatic situations do tend to fall into activities to escape and relief the stresses of post trauma such as drug and alcohol abuse. It would be wise to offer these types of services to complement the healing process as well as mental health counseling.

  8. HiSamie,I seen you on A&E and was very touched. I’m 67 and live in N.C.and for the first time I was invited by
    a friend to have dinner at the yellow deli,and the moment I walked in I could feel something was not right,I did some researching on the internet, but I couldn’t connect the dots.untill I seen your stories,I would love to help,I don’t know how it maybe you can tell me how,I would to talk to you, I just know I can help in some way

  9. Samie –

    I just watched the A&E doc on your experience in the Twelve Tribes. I was compelled to write to you and thank you for the work that you are doing.

    Your courage and strength to be who you are today is truly inspiring. Helping others to do the same is what heroes do.

    I hope you are reunited with your family one day. Please keep doing the work that you do. At the time of the doc, you said 18 people had come through your organization. That’s 18 lives you’ve helped save, the ripples of which will be felt for generations to come


  10. Dear Samie,

    I just wanted to let you know I just watched the documentary you were in about the Twelve Tribes. I grew up in a town near Plymouth ma. I have lived in and around the area all of my life. I have never trusted any of the people from the Tribe. They have consistently tried to get me to join. People have told me they are just a religious group, not a cult… however I have always fought against them on that. I have always felt it was a cult. Watching the documentary proved my convictions were correct. I always try to keep my friends and family from their establishments, urging them to go elsewhere due to their cult status.
    I applaud you on standing against them. Giving up all you have for freedom, and rights. You are a revolutionary in the fight against oppression in the name of religion. It is so sad to see people go down that rabbit hole, then have generations unknowingly follow in their predecessors footsteps.
    I hope you know there are many that stand behind you, in this fight. And as you have learned there is will be a hand to grab when you reach out for help.
    Feel free to reach out if you need a hand in this area.

    Much Love and Respect,


  11. I left the 12 tribes 12-28-20. The emotional blackmail and manipulation of children is worse than any physical abuse I saw but it certainly exists. I watched the documentary of Samie escaping, it was hard to watch, my heart goes out to you.

  12. I just showed my ex worker your story Samie about 12 Tribes and Yellow Deli. She and her family will never eat there again.
    We have one in Vista California. They have tried to recruit people to join. We need to stop these people.
    My College exposed them two years ago in the College Newspaper.

  13. Your story is inspiring to me. I was not raised in a cult like fashion but with all religion there can be some highs and lows and you know the lows. This foundation is a pinnacle for hope for so many. Though i am far from where most cults “seem to be” California is no stranger to these things. If anyone see this just know you have a friend/family here. When a friend asks you for help you help. Bless you all.

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