Twelve Tribes: Turning Community into Legalism

Source: Juicy Ecumenism blog May 30, 2013 By Aaron Gaglia (@GagliaAC) Recently, in Christian circles there have been conversations concerning the merits of radical Christianity. Many followers of Jesus have a feeling that pursuing the American dream is not compatible with Christianity and that there must be something more to the Christian life. As one…

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Bavaria closes the brutal “Twelve Tribes” sect

Bible-based cult wants to teach its children May 16, 2013 Translated from the German After the only state recognized teacher left, the state of Bavaria removed their teaching license from the Twelve Tribes cult. However, the private school of the Bible-based cult of Klosterzimmern wants to continue with a pseudo-exodus abroad. “We had to act,”…

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conversation between a Christian and a Twelve Tribes member

found here:   3 thoughts on “The Return of the Yellow Deli” I recently visited and talked with some people there. One of the gentlemen there asked me a question:“If you can’t really face the selfishness within yourself, then what business do you have trying to address the selfishness in others?” I wasn’t sure exactly…

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