Bavaria closes the brutal “Twelve Tribes” sect

Bible-based cult wants to teach its children

May 16, 2013
Translated from the German

After the only state recognized teacher left, the state of Bavaria removed their teaching license from the Twelve Tribes cult. However, the private school of the Bible-based cult of Klosterzimmern wants to continue with a pseudo-exodus abroad. “We had to act,” said Ludwig Spaenle of the Bavarian Culture Ministry. “The children deserve a quality school education.” After the withdrawal of the teaching license, the parents of two dozen school age children must now enroll them in state schools starting August 1. We will look at the continued development of the children, said Spaenle.

Since 2010 the children do not graduate from high school or earn a diploma.

The state had reason to close the facility because of the official exit of the state recognized teacher. Sadly, a “suitable teaching staff” no longer exists, said the authority.

According to Focus Information this teacher has formally acted as headmaster. A source said: “He never really taught.”

The Twelve Tribes sect dodges its educational responsibilities and flees with its children to the Czech Republic and Romania.

The sect wants to proceed with their private lessons. They write on their website “We will continue to teach our children even though the authorities have closed our school.”

According to Focus, the sect has apparently purchased homes in the Czech Republic and Romania. To work around the loss of the instructional permit, the families officially register their school age children. They continue to live and work temporarily in the monastery rooms.

Bible based cult wants to teach its children on its own terms.

Spaenle wants to close “Twelve Tribes” school

Already in 2004, there were conflicts with the Bavarian state: from a police car, a member of the Bible-based cult “Twelve Tribes” waving to his friends.

The Twelve Tribes are trying by all means to keep their children under control since they believe the children are guarantors that the community will exist until God judges the world. Former members tell Focus that physical pain is an integral part of education. According to a Twelve Tribe teaching, there are “fallen children who do their own will.” They only eat what they like. However, “children need to learn the will of the parents.” Doubters are reminded in “Parenting II” (1997) that “sonship means a father who loves you enough to punish you – and also beat when it is necessary.”

An internal document says “Physical pain is the only means of exerting pressure so that the child accepts parental control and instruction.”

A king without a rod has no authority

The equation is: “Discipline + rod + = Statement education” A “serious problem” exists when a strong-willed child can withstand the rod without being broken. However, drawback is not permitted before God. Do not misunderstand compromises and mercy.

“The sect wants to keep the children stupid if they leave the cult.”

A child laughed in class and another was playing a fantasy game. Their “teacher” picked apart their motives to the smallest detail and they were punished. Former members reported that adults monitored them. We couldn’t play alone at the door and we were afraid to make friends because they would tell on you, says Chayim. I imagine the Stasi in East Germany were similar.

“We were afraid of God, eternal damnation and church authorities,” reported a former member. The Twelve Tribes employs psychological manipulation or phobia indoctrination. Members are told that if they leave the safety of the community that bad things will happen to them and their families. They use fear, anger and guilt to control their members.

Infants are tightly wrapped with safety pins. Discipline begins in infancy. Babies are wrapped tightly with the help of safety pins so that they can no longer move. At some point the wriggling and screaming stops, explains the former member who held a leadership position in the Twelve Tribes a few years ago.

The Twelve Tribes abuse the Bible and twist the Scriptures, stated Axel Seegers who is responsible for questions of belief in the Archdiocese of Munich.

“For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth”

Wolfgang Behnk sect commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Bavaria says: “The sect has made use of authoritarian submission to elders, social isolation and disciplinary repression.”

The “Apostle” Elbert Eugene Spriggs has said “If one loves sports instead of God this will lead to the downfall of many.”

In the private school in Klosterzimmern boys and girls are separated. The school curriculum fails to meet state requirements. The children receive no education in social and economic studies. These are subjects that would explain the world beyond the wall. Rock music is from the devil and any competitive sport is frowned upon. Sports fans are often agitated and violent says the Spriggs teaching. According to the teaching “The danger of sport” (January 1995) “They fight against each other and become murderers.” The teaching says this happens because something has taken the place of God. Sport has led to the downfall of so many because “they are not chosen.” Stay away from idols.

The community excludes the modern age – it suffices a reactionary world view to her.

In the Spriggs teaching “Three Eternal Destinies” he says that “Africans are cursed.” Spriggs also says that there is “God given distinction between the three human races.” Spriggs says that nothing can change the heart of man. During the Civil rights era Blacks received many rights along with homosexuals and women. This led to the breakdown of the family unit, according to Elbert Eugene Spriggs leader of the Twelve Tribes Bible -based cult.

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