Kate Wiseman interview on Phish female fans radio

PART 1 OF INTERVIEW aired on October 13, 2019

Content Warning: This episode contains true stories of severe abuse Part one- 12 Tribes Cult- Interview with Kate Wiseman (ex-member), daughter of Ed Wiseman, the co-founder of the 12 Tribes Cult. Hear Kate’s experience of being born, bred and raised within this cult for 30 years. In the first part of this interview, Kate speaks about the early years of the cult and her childhood. Kate shares her intimate & tragic stories that are filled with the truth of her amazing life. This woman is so brave and incredibly strong. She speaks publicly for the first time…..

Source: Phemale-Centrics episode 40


PART 2 OF INTERVIEW aired on October 27, 2019

Content Warning: This episode contains true stories of severe abuse Part 2- 12 Tribes Cult Interview Hear Kate Wiseman, ex-member & daughter of co-founder Ed Wiseman, continued story of her life on the inside of the 12 Tribes Cult. In this episode, Kate shares her story of her arranged marriage, the beginnings of “the bus” on Lots, her love of Phish and her happy ending!

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Source: Phemale-Centrics episode 41

8 Comments On “Kate Wiseman interview on Phish female fans radio”

  1. Hi Kate.

    My name is Larry and I thoroughly enjoyed these two interviews. What a sad and amazing story you have. But also, what resilience you possess to have been able to go on and thrive with your life. I hope you write that book! I’m so glad you were able to get out.

    I knew your dad and mom when they first joined – what was then called – “The Vine House/Vine Christian Community Church” (Twelve Tribes) – in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1974. I have some stories and could probably fill in some gaps of that early history before they had you children. I also saw first-hand how they changed in about a 2-year period of time from the original 1973 Hippie, Jesus Freak, laid-back, flop house to rigid, authoritarian, mind-control cult.

    I quit my involvement with them in ’76 when things started changing and going negative, but I still continued to have contact with your parents and other member up until I went into the Army in Oct. 1982.

    I no doubtI met you too, when you were a baby/toddler.

    Your mother was a very sweet and beautiful person. I trembled at your story of her illness and passing. . . but also how you kids were left with little support and compassion from the adults.

    I know after they all moved to Island Pond in the early 80s, your mother contacted some Christian friends on Signal Mountain, Tenn. and they told me that she had expressed a desire to leave Island Pond and that things were not going well there. I don’t recall any specific details but this wealthy Christian couple were going to take her – and all you children – in. . . but then they did not hear back from her. This was all before I went into the Army in Oct 82.

    I’d like to talk with you. If you would like, contact me at larrylcondra@yahoo.com

    Thank you. LC

  2. God really rewarded me for listening to this presentation all the way through. Thank you Kate for sharing all of this, it is very Illuminating. And reflects very poorly on the character of Eugene and Marsha Spriggs. I really believed early and they started out with the best of intentions like many people do, but something happened , I don’t know what. Somehow they became the very things that they preach against and so became hypocrites and liars to some extent their own selves It’s very sad. There are various days that I miss my life in the 12 tribes, but then I have to come back to reality and look at all the garbage aspects of that life which are truly terrible and hurtful to people. I regret that I went back several times against common sense and my own better judgment. There are people still there that I consider friends even though I have found I can’t really have contact because there isn’t honesty on their part, it’s hard for there to be honesty when you’re communicating with people that have been severely brainwashed and indoctrinated excessively. They are not allowed by others and within them own selves to see or tell how things honestly are. I found there to be many truly honorable and wonderful people in the 12 tribes and then others who are just as bad as anybody in the world and worse. Spriggs has set up his Teachings to be of equal and greater Authority than people’s individual reading of the Bible. What an awful thing. The Teachings! I don’t hate Gene and Marsha, but I really hope and pray that they can repent before they pass on and take a really honest candid open hearted look at some of the things that they’ve created. They’ve created a mean religious machine that breaks down people and tosses them. Things that have nothing to do with Jesus and his good news. Oh I forgot they teach Jesus is a demon unless you call him yahshua, oh wait, that’s the same historic person. I never could figure out why they feel all of Christianity is demonic and then they themselves are using Christian Bibles and singing some Christian songs. They got me to deny my faith, but they’ll never do it again. Their crap Teachings and lifestyle really ruined my life, but I allowed it to happen and I almost never left, but thank God I did leave and have not returned. As one current member said to me not too long ago, “our life hasn’t changed any Eric, it’s excruciating.” He should know he fell three stories and the tribes never had the decency to take him to the hospital. I feel there’s a strong possibility that money actually rules the tribes, and not the holy spirit of God. By the way what spirit is really behind the 12 tribes? Answer that and a lot of other questions will be answered. Thanks again Kate for telling your story oh, it has really helped and encouraged me, and I’m sure it will help many other people.

    • Is Bruderhof the way to go then?
      Urgent Seeker here consider joining em
      Please post alternatives bible-based nation-like communities to the TT

  3. My wife and I first visited in 1989 and we went there to live in Island Pond beginning in March 1990. I knew something was very wrong during our first visit to a couple communities in Vermont, the one in Westminster at the time and also the one in Island Pond. That isn’t to say that people were not nice to us, but I could tell something was very wrong and some of the children were so afraid and not like normal children,… afraid of being hit. I had not known about the 12 tribes until hearing about them from a friend in the bruderhof communities, we were both visiting there. Kate, I believe when we first had contact was the same time that your mom was dying, and I remember being told by my covering AKA dictator person over me that she was being given fruit juice to try to cure her. After she had passed I was told that she died according to Twelve Tribes brainwashing because she had opposed the anointing AKA Eugene Spriggs. And that she had once said he can have real anger. My contact and indoctrination in the 12 tribes really has affected my life for years and even today affects it some but not nearly as bad as before. I wanted it so bad to be the truth, I had prayed earlier in life to be with a people that were together everyday and prayed and work together and love God. Of everything I looked at, perhaps the Benedictine Monastery I visited at Mount Saviour near Elmira New York and the bruderhof communities where are the closest to that ideal, and some of the Mennonites who are not communal, but anywhere there is communal living there are serious problems, added complications, but also added Joy at times. From everything I have experienced with communal living and the potential and almost inevitable pitfalls that occur with it, I think it is far safer for people to stay away from it. I wish so bad that Gene and Marsha Spriggs would change the 12 tribes communities for the better before they die. It’s such a joke now that they advertise their communities as being self-governing, what will always govern the 12 tribes is Gene Spriggs and his wife and whoever are closest to them and the teachings. And when the Spriggs pass on they will always be venerated and the teachings at this rate will be the new dictator. And those who were closest to the Spriggs. For years people will be hearing from those who knew Gene and Marsha. The anointing. The anointing teaches you all things. Gene went from being a sincere Christian brother helping others, to an apostle, and then to a pope dictator. This can happen with any church or religious organization. I think one of the reasons that some people become so mean in the 12 tribes and hurt children and others in so many different ways is so badly, is because they are so miserable and overworked an uninsured in their own salvation with God, because that has been taken away from them. Their forgiveness and salvation rests upon remaining in the community for life and obeying and doing everything they’re told without question, even if their conscience deep down bothers them about something or they really don’t believe one of the teachings. If Gene and Marsha really loved the people in the 12 tribes, they would simply say to the Believers there read the Bible for yourself and pray and seek God, and throw the teachings in the trash. Because some of the teachings directly contradict the Bible and specifically the New Testament. And the teachings also add to the Bible.

  4. For those reading this, if you read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, you will see in an easy-to-understand way what happens in a situation such as the 12 tribes, where an ideal of equality amongst all becomes something very different and very hurtful to many of the people. The tribe’s condemn Christianity for having a clergy laity system of the Nicolaitans, and that is true for various churches, but the tribes have the same thing, only worse, with more damage being done. The tribes say they are the only ones bearing good fruit in the world, that they are the only ones who have the Holy Spirit of God, even calling themselves the container for the Holy Spirit. Really???

  5. Thanks for the insights from a former “upper echelon member”

    I’d love to hear a Twelve Tribe’s farm communities’ opinion on that whole climate change and carbon dioxide (CO2) almost cultic stuff being portrayed all over main stream media these days… I’d even pay for a detailed, in-depth analysis/opinion by several of the TT’s farmers or elders.
    Because, I don’t trust main stream media one bit…and organic farmers with supposedly connection to the Lord should know what this is all about and AFAIK they were targetting environmental topics (pollution, permaculture…) in a free paper.

  6. This woman has an incredible amount of power pouring out of her. However already within the first 30 seconds of these podcasts I had to think about “rebellion and trouble” just by listening to her voice. Yet still, incredible way of life. I surely do understand the troubles of Twelve Tribes members and the pressure therein.
    But I ask you: how do Yellow Delis and Cafes manage to offer this incredible quality of food? It is soooo yummy, tasty, healthy and superb in quality! Usually people under pressure or turmoil do not tend to produce quality products…a real quality leap between them and other communities…and already the little ones like once little Kate here manage to do this.
    To sad, they seemingly have no time for recreation and relaxation.

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