The death of baby Raphael Ginhoux

Humanity Presse April 8, 1997 Yesterday morning, the police visited a local cult “Tabitha’s Place” located in the Pyrenees after the death of a baby on Thursday. The group is considered very unorthodox.  The prosecutor investigated the parents over the weekend when he discovered the child was suffering from malnutrition and child endangerment. Yesterday about…

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The Community

Teen Magazine 4/97 It’s weird how we found out about the New Kingdom Church. When I was 4, my Mom had some film developed- but it was accidentally sent back to the New Kingdom Church instead. They returned it with some papers about what they said was the “best community in the U.S.” My Mom…

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Smiles cover the mystery at Tabitha’s Place. Physicians examined 79 sect children when Raphael died Thursday.

Source of translation: Cheryl – Web mistress of Twelve Original source: Liberation.Fr April 8, 1997 Translated from the French In the courtyard, a group of children wave at the visitors. Little girls and women wear long hair, baggy skirts that cover the ankles, dresses, or sus pants and braids. The boys and men sport…

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