Letter to members of the Twelve Tribes

Letter to members of the Twelve Tribes

Letter to Twelve Tribes members: Letter to members of the Twelve Tribes is a 48 pages document written from a couple of ex-members to members of the Twelve Tribes. Please freely download, print and pass on to any member you care about. In this heart felt plea to reconsider their ways, these two members quote the 12T own teachings and hold it up to what they feel is the true heart and message of Yahshua (Jesus, Yeshua). If you can print it and give it to a member they would have a chance to rethink and view their life from another perspective.
Very important points of their doctrine and traditions are raised to scrutiny.These are 3 short extracts from the letter:

“The TT’s communities know very well how to emphasis people’s needs and to capitalize
on them. We know! They propose to fill the void of not knowing one’s purpose with
“Building up the Body in love can only be done in a community, which is growing with a growth from
our Father.” My Salvation to the Ends of the Earth, 2006 pg 4
​Matthew 4:17″
rampant racism

4 Comments On “Letter to members of the Twelve Tribes”

  1. What are the commandments of men this is reffering too..?
    Read Galations 1 verse 3 thur 10. Does it mean adding to His words which can take away from commandments of the gospel.? (Read Dueturomony 4 verse 2 and Proverbs 30 verse 6.) And goggle…The twelve tribes common wealth of deceit. And you decide to decide to decern truth from errors.

    • Another Ex-Sucker

      Hi Martin. From your inquiry, I can’t help to assume that you are not an ex-member. I only assume that because it seems impossible to imagine that an ex-member would ask:

      “What are the commandments of men this is reffering too..?
      [...] Does it mean adding to His words which can take away from commandments of the gospel.?”

      When one joins the TT, they are brought to a point where everything is a commandment of men. I did not mistakingly exaggerate that statement. Any hint of resistance is labeled rebellion against God.

      All of their commandments take away from the “good news” which we call the gospel. It is an environment of utter betrayal, endless false accusations and perpetual lies. A member is expected to mindlessly carry on the storyline that is passed to them at each and every morning/evening gathering, regardless of rat infested conditions of sickness and self-evident contradictions.

  2. Yes im a Ex member of the Twelve Tribes. I meant to exsplain above where in the word it warns about commandments of men in Galations chapter 1 verse 1 thur 10.

  3. I live in Devon. I feel a strong call from the Lord to see people saved from this false gospel.

    I want to do so with gentleness and respect and have been building a relationship with several people in the community.

    I’d love to speak with an ex-member who knows the Lord about their experiences and share supportive ideas.

    Could someone reach out: sephatron86@gmail.com

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