Maté with a message, Colorado Springs Independent February 28, 2008 Manitou café mixes religion with its brew, but dismisses ‘cult’ catcalls By Amanda Lundgren L’Aura Montgomery Dayag Anashiym and his wife, Tsebiah Shel Dayag, with their drink of choice. The Maté Factor in Manitou Springs is something of a mystery to many. Before my visits, I didn’t even…

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“Cult” gets free advertising in Colorado newspaper

Source: Cultnews DaAdmin Miscellaneous 2008-02-28 “Twelve Tribes,” a notorious religious group, often called a “cult,” has apparently moved into a town in Colorado, Manitou Springs. The group is ruled by a self-proclaimed “prophet”/dictator named Elbert Eugene Spriggs (see photo with wife left). The sect has opened a café the “Maté Factor” and two group homes,…

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The Twelve Tribes Money Machine

Source: yattblogspot 2008 February 18, 2008 The life of the typical Twelve Tribes member is very simple.  Women’s dresses and “Sus” pants are hand made and most other clothes are bought at thrift stores.  Much of the communities organic food is self grown.  Members have given up all their possessions and do not have worldly…

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