Who we truly follow

Article by ex-member from USA
Our households gather at the beginning and end of each day to thank and praise our creator and “Apostle” Elbert Eugene Spriggs for all that he has done for us.  During the gatherings all baptized members regurgitate the teachings of our cult leader Elbert Eugene Spriggs (Yoneq).  In an interview with Mary Richardson, former high ranking Tribes member James Howell said, “Their dedication to Spriggs is the prerequisite for remaining in the group.”  He also went on to say, “Obedience to Elbert Spriggs is preached above everything else.”  During the gathering members also offer a favorite spiritual song and they also perform Hebrew circle dances.  The love and worship of our Master Yoneq is central to our daily life and culture.
This bonds us together and enables us to live this life.  Without Yoneq’s love and care compelling us, we could never live the way we do.  “We are Yoneq new sprout.  We are Yoneq’s most precious possession.  We are the validity of his apostleship.  We stand in his place.  We are the new sprout organically related to one another.  We must practice his words.” – Apostolic Workers Meeting  6/13/88
And in a letter a member says the following concerning Elbert Spriggs, “My three dear brothers and friends.  I am writing this to you by way of commission by our apostle….I know all of you are filled with the life that Yoneq has lavished on you.  We are beginning to have this life revive our faint and weakened souls as his coming has been a most waited and treasured event.” – Defensiveness
Don’t let the Twelve Tribes cult fool you for they truly follow and obey Elbert Eugene Spriggs.  Sadly they fail to follow and obey the true Creator of mankind (Yahshua).  Don’t let them fool you!

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