Ex-member interviewed about his new book

April 2018: Interviewed by Sea to Sea (a youtube program of mystery and paranormal) Sinasta Colucci has a  candid but serious long look at his experiences as a “disciple of Yahshua”. He shares his insights with lightheartedness and invites us to read his newly published book: “Better than a Turkish prison, what I have learned from life in a religious cult”.

Sinasta J.Colucci

To listen to interview, click on picture of author S. Colucci ==>




better than a turkish prison <<== To go to Amazon and take a look at

Sinasta’s book click on cover picture








2 Comments On “Ex-member interviewed about his new book”

  1. The link takes you to a page saying the video is unavailable. Censorship?

  2. I got to visit the Twelve Tribes and meet some of the characters in the book, they were so hospitable it was a great experience, they said they have open door policy anybody is allowed to visit, they’re very open about their beliefs and was willing to show you in the scripture exactly why they believed what they believed

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