My Take On The Yellow Deli People (+responses) – from section titled OPINION – 7 may 2015 Thursday, May 21, 2009 Last August I came to UTC as a freshmen studying Political Science and Anthropology, I was warned by staff and local family to stay away from “them Yella Deli people” because they are a “cult.” I being naturally a rebellious teenager…

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Twelve Tribes child abuse cult serves different kind of beverage

Source:Examiner Feb. 4, 2015, Connect Savannah reporter, Jessica Leigh Lebos, gives the ‘Twelve Tribes’ new café a glowing plug for organic coffee, teas, homemade muffins, Danishes and fruit-stuffed scones. “We want people to get to know us,” says Brian Fenster, 41, who has lived in Twelve Tribes communities around the country for 20 years and…

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conversation between a Christian and a Twelve Tribes member

found here:   3 thoughts on “The Return of the Yellow Deli” I recently visited and talked with some people there. One of the gentlemen there asked me a question:“If you can’t really face the selfishness within yourself, then what business do you have trying to address the selfishness in others?” I wasn’t sure exactly…

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