Yellow Deli Is Spinning Its Web Again

Chattanoogan/May 7, 2008 By Cliff Sarbel So the Yellow Deli is back in business. Somehow I am not surprised. Cults always seem to come back around for a second helping. However, Chattanoogans must remember that this group has a history of abuse of members, isolation of members from their families, taking advantage of lonely young…

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I Escaped From The Yellow Deli

Source: The Thursday, June 1, 2006 My name is Karen Draper. I live in Utah now but lived in Chattanooga and stayed with the “Yellow Deli” people for several weeks before making my “escape.” I just found this website after hearing from one of my friends in Chickamauga, Ga., that “they were back.” Ironically,…

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Peacemaker bus used for recruitment of drug fueled Phish followers

8/2004 They like their women subservient, their homosexuals closeted and their children kept in line via strict corporal punishment. 8/26/09 Keep your children away.  They like little girls for production and boys for slave labor. 8/4/2010 So we get on the bus, and I get some really good hot cocoa and they clean my lip. …

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