Brands, Retailers And Influencers React To Alleged Labor Law Violations At An Organic Personal Care Factory

Source: Beauty Independent June 5, 2018 Brand Report Rachel Brown Claire McCormack Amanda West Reade Despite increasing demand for transparency, there remains a veil of secrecy separating beauty consumers from the factories making the beauty products they purchase. When that veil is lifted, the picture can be unsettling as Inside Edition reporting last Friday exposing…

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Department of Labor Finds Multiple Child Labor Violations at Common Sense Farm as a Result of Twelve Tribes Investigation

Source: Department of Labor (DOL) Violations could result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines Eight Additional Investigations Opened for Other Twelve Tribes Entities in NY Albany, NY (June 05, 2018) – Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon today announced the preliminary results of an ongoing investigation into the Twelve Tribes community located in Cambridge, NY,…

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Ex-member interviewed about his new book

April 2018: Interviewed by Sea to Sea (a youtube program of mystery and paranormal) Sinasta Colucci has a  candid but serious long look at his experiences as a “disciple of Yahshua”. He shares his insights with lightheartedness and invites us to read his newly published book: “Better than a Turkish prison, what I have learned…

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