Ex-member interviewed about his new book

April 2018: Interviewed by Sea to Sea (a youtube program of mystery and paranormal) Sinasta Colucci has a  candid but serious long look at his experiences as a “disciple of Yahshua”. He shares his insights with lightheartedness and invites us to read his newly published book: “Better than a Turkish prison, what I have learned…

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Predators on Campus : An Inside Look at Cults

Source: Cult education Jillian Risberg Cults are probably the last thing on your mind when considering a place of higher learning for your son or daughter, but these groups regularly use college campuses to enlist kids aching for a sense of community far from then glare of discipline. Many people erroneously believe people joint cults…

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Reviews of cult run Restaurants

Source:  Itinerant Daughter’s Blog September 21, 2016 We’re pleased to present our first episode in “Mouthwashed!,” a series of reviews of cult-run restaurants. This week, the Spiritually Adventurous Eater visits the Yellow Deli in Rutland, Vermont, run by a group known as the Twelve Tribes. This week, the Spiritually Adventurous Eater visits the Yellow Deli…

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FOX25 Investigates: Video Prompts Child Labor Investigation

Source: FOX25 august 2016 by: Eric Rasmussen Updated: Aug 4, 2016 – 6:33 PM PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Boston confirm they’ve opened an inspection of a local construction company after seeing video recorded by FOX25 Investigates that shows children working on the site of a future…

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Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery

Source: The daily beast Luke O’Neil 07.17.16 2:01 PM ET According to ex-members of Twelve Tribes who spoke to The Daily Beast, children are regularly beaten and leaders preached “slavery is necessary.” Now, an escapee has taken over the Facebook page of the Plymouth bakery run by the commune so he can broadcast its ills….

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