Teachings 1992

1992.12.31-P01 Ritual; Seek

1992.12.31-A01 Intercede / Watchmen

1992.12.30-P01 A People Being Purified 

1992.12.28-P01 New Covenant — Life for Life

1992.12.28-A01 Re-establishing the Covenant 

1992.12.27-P01  Fruit of the Spirit

1992.12.26-B01 Taught by Elohim

1992.12.26-A01 Negligence Hinders Fellowship

1992.12.25-A01 Myth vs. Reality

1992.12.24-P01 One Law for Citizens and Visitors

1992.12.22-A01 Hypocrites Cannot Produce a Light

1992.12.21-P01  Refusing the Throne 

1992.12.20-P01 Outdo One Another in Love and Good Deeds

1992.12.19-S01 The Story of Ruth

1992.12.19-P01   Covenant to Care

1992.12.19-A01   Keeping Covenants; Blood Covenant; Luke 16:9

1992.12.18-A01 Saved

1992.12.17-A01 Pure

1992.12.16-P01   Worldly Custom

1992.12.15-P01   Worldly Custom

1992.12.14-P01 Philippians 2:12

1992.12.14-A01 Tribe

1992.12.13-P01 Ethiopian Eunuch; Warning to Abraham’s Offspring

1992.12.13-A01 One Spirit; Another Religion

1992.12.12-P01 Out of His Side

1992.12.12-A01 The Sabbath and the New Covenant

1992.12.11-A01 Prayer, Millet, and His Ultimate Purpose

1992.12.10-A01 Prayer, Millet, and His Ultimate Purpose

1992.12.09-A01 Lawless Deeds/Approved Deeds

1992.12.08-T01Dedicated Nation 2

1992.12.07-T01 Dedicated Nation 1

1992.12.06-P01 Death — Man’s Plight

1992.12.06-A01 Forbear

1992.12.05-A01 Sacrifices; Mark 11:25; Clothed

1992.12.04-P01 One Thousand Years of Rest

1992.12.04-A01 Natural Israel

1992.12.03-P01 Segunda Eva

1992.12.03-A01 Promise to Abraham

1992.12.02-P01 Preparation by the Holy Spirit

1992.12.02-A01Digestion — A Body Principle

1992.12.01-A01 Pre-eminence; Friend (aheb)

1992.11.30-P01 Unworthy of Messiah — Matthew 10:37

1992.11.30-A01 Mercy

1992.11.29-P01 Intentions of the Heart; Good Fruit

1992.11.28-A01 Abraham’s Descendants

1992.11.26-P01 Lovingkindness is Loyalty

1992.11.24-A01 Excessive Need(Some people don’t have what they need;others have more than they need.)

1992.11.22-A01 Incorruptible Love of a Friend

1992.11.21-B01Body Meeting re: Rebellion – Zaccai(& story: YHWH’s Friend Adam)

1992.11.21-A01Rebellion; Sabbath Keeping; Salt

1992.11.20-A01Two Kinds of Wisdom

1992.11.18-A01 Day of Testing; Promise to Abraham; Greeting Strangers

1992.11.16-A02 When one Member is Honored

1992.11.16-A01Homesick for Egypt

1992.11.15-P01 Spirit/Flesh; Persecution; See to It

1992.11.15-A01Work and the Sacrifices

1992.11.14-B01Willing to Trust

1992.11.14-A01 What our Master came to Establish(contrary to Christian delusion)


1992.11.12-A01From the Least to the Greatest


1992.11.11-L01Right Now(Letter from Shahar)

1992.11.11-A01 Wise / Foolish

1992.11.09-P01What does He Want us to Pray For?

1992.11.08-A01 Saving our Soul

1992.11.07-A01Wheat and Tares

1992.11.06-P01Whoever has the Son has the Life



1992.11.02-P01Led by the Spirit 2


1992.11.01-P01Timidity and Intimidation

1992.11.01-A01The Fourteenth Generation

1992.11.00-T01Intertribal Moves:Preventing Criticism

1992.11.00-L01Beautiful Words(Letters from Naphtali)

1992.10.31-A01Love, Salt, and Leaven

1992.10.24-A01Chosen to Walk like Abraham

1992.10.21-A01A Kingdom of Priests

1992.10.20-L01Response to Corresponding Suffering(Letter from Yonathan)

1992.10.20-A01Your Sin Cuts You Off

1992.09.10-L01The Dawning of a New Social Order


1992.04.04-W01 Wedding Notes(From Tom & Sarah’s Wedding)

1992.02.29-W01 Wedding Notes(From Michael & Mirah’s Wedding)

1992.02.00-T01 The Three Eternal Destinies #95 Second Death

1992.01.21-L01Foolishness and Disrespect

1992.01.03-L01 Shua (Letters from ha-Emeq and Shua)

1992.01.00-T01The Continual Standing Sacrifice

1992.00.00-T07Friends: Captivating our Children’s Heart

1992.00.00-T06Ten Forms of Verbal Correction

1992.00.00-T05 The Three Eternal Destinies #97 Those Who Claim to See

1992.00.00-T04 The Three Eternal Destinies #96 Second Covenant

1992.00.00-T03 The Three Eternal Destinies #95 Second Death

1992.00.00-T02 The Three Eternal Destinies #94 Separator, Part 2

1992.00.00-T01The Three Eternal Destinies #93 Separator, Part 1