‘Las Doce Tribus’, una secta en el punto de mira por maltrato infantil que se extiende por toda Europa

DOCUMENTAL COMPLETO aquí Segunda parte del documental aquí Fuente: La sexta, abril 2015 SUS NEGOCIOS SON LA EXCEPCIÓN A SU AISLAMIENTO La comunidad religiosa ‘Las Doce Tribus’ se originó en Francia y se extiende por toda Europa. Mantienen a sus hijos sin escolarizar, aislados, sin salir de su comunidad. Todos los hombres deben llevar coleta,…

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12 Tribes 2015 Spanish TV documentary (ENG. subtitles)

Complete documentary can be seen here Source:La Sexta, 17 April 2015 Transcript of video in English: link here The Twelve Tribes, a sect under scrutiny for child abuse is across all Europe. This religious community originated in France. They keep their children unschooled, isolated, not allowing them to come out of the community. They scream…

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Controversy over children’s safety at religious community

source: CBC Manitoba 18 March 2015 There are questions about child safety within the Twelve Tribes, a controversial religious group A Queens Bench Justice was so “concerned” for the “safety” of a child in a controversial religious group called the Twelve Tribes that she banned a member of the group from bringing her child to…

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Controversial religious group Twelve Tribes reported to Cybertip

  source: CBC Manitoba 19 March 2015 Co-founder of sexual exploitation tip line files her own report over group         Related Stories Controversy over children’s safety at religious community The co-founder of a national tip line to report children at risk of sexual exploitation did what she said others should have done months ago: she reported her…

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