OSHA Complaint Filed Against Plymouth, MA Construction Company

Source: UnitedAllianceServices The BOJ Construction (Plymouth, Mass.) website is simple and replete with pictures of gorgeous woodwork and impressive commercial projects. Those who’ve used BOJ say that they are highly skilled and keep their commitments. However, BOJ was reportedly under federal investigation by OSHA for potentially violating child labor laws. In a report by Fox…

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Urteil gegen “Zwölf Stämme” Geldstrafe für Prügel-Lehrer

Source: Der Spiegel An einer Schule der Christengemeinschaft “Zwölf Stämme” wurden Jugendliche offenbar regelmäßig geschlagen. Nun verurteilte das Gericht einen Lehrer der Sekte. Weitere Verfahren sollen folgen. Ein Bild aus der Verhandlung in der vergangenen Woche: Nun hat das Gericht den 54-jährigen ehemaligen Lehrer verurteilt Montag, 23.11.2015   16:10 Uhr Drucken Nutzungsrechte Feedback Er soll…

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Religious sect elder convicted in Germany of hitting child

Source: SFGate,23 November 2015 Updated 4:55 am, Monday, November 23, 2015 BERLIN (AP) — A 54-year-old elder from a Christian sect in southern Germany has been convicted of causing bodily harm by hitting a child in his care with a 1.2-meter (four-foot) switch. He was sentenced to six months probation. The “Twelve Tribes” elder, whose name…

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When Religious Violence Can’t Escape Exemption

Francie Diep Oct 23, 2015 A recent case of violence in a small, closed church highlights the role of religious exemptions in the American legal system… …The case brings fresh attention to the operations of small, radical churches in the United States, which are often protected by special religious exemption laws. In the September/October issue…

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No charges for Twelve Tribes member kidnap suspects

Source: Escondido Grapevine Posted By: dweisman September 11, 2015 The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced recently no charges would be filed against three people accused of kidnapping a relative from the Twelve Tribes Community Church compound in Vista. A spokesman said kidnapping charges couldn’t “be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.” The relative was…

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Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Source: Henry Mackow.com September 5, 2014 (left, Crusading chiropractor, Joe Hawkins) While society mostly has turned a blind eye to the Twelve Tribes cult, Joe Hawkins, a Winnipeg chiropractor, doesn’t have this option. Last November, his common law wife left him to join this group and took their two-year-old son. While Joe has joint custody,…

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