No charges for Twelve Tribes member kidnap suspects

Source: Escondido Grapevine Posted By: dweisman September 11, 2015 The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced recently no charges would be filed against three people accused of kidnapping a relative from the Twelve Tribes Community Church compound in Vista. A spokesman said kidnapping charges couldn’t “be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.” The relative was…

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Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Source: Henry September 5, 2014 (left, Crusading chiropractor, Joe Hawkins) While society mostly has turned a blind eye to the Twelve Tribes cult, Joe Hawkins, a Winnipeg chiropractor, doesn’t have this option. Last November, his common law wife left him to join this group and took their two-year-old son. While Joe has joint custody,…

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Yellow Deli People

Source : San Diego reader 2013 January 3 2013 Dorian Hargrove  Not only are roads unneeded, there is no need for cars or personal possessions. All the Twelve Tribes require for the journey is a community that shares – love, friendship, earthly possessions – everything in exchange for peace and salvation. The Twelve Tribes is…

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CIFS conference 2011 Canberra Georges Fenech’s speech

source: Cult Information and Family Support, Australia To download pdf: Fenech-Australia-2011 CIFS Conference: Address: Georges FENECH CANBERRA, Parliament House CIFS (Translation from French) November 2 2011Conference Report and Video National Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS) Conference “Cults in Australia: Facing the Realities” Speech by Georges FENECH, President of MIVILUDES   Honourable Senators, President of CIFS…

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Twelve Tribes cited; burn violated Vermont’s air laws

Source: Brattleboro Reformer Howard Weiss- Tisman July 10, 2010 Westminister, Vt – The state is alleging that members of the Twelve Tribes violated Vermont air pollution control regulations when they burned the remnants of the former Oonas restaurant on their farm in Westminister. The religious group was also cited for illegally operating a solid waste…

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