Twelve Tribes: Turning Community into Legalism

Source: Juicy Ecumenism blog May 30, 2013 By Aaron Gaglia (@GagliaAC) Recently, in Christian circles there have been conversations concerning the merits of radical Christianity. Many followers of Jesus have a feeling that pursuing the American dream is not compatible with Christianity and that there must be something more to the Christian life. As one…

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conversation between a Christian and a Twelve Tribes member

found here:   3 thoughts on “The Return of the Yellow Deli” I recently visited and talked with some people there. One of the gentlemen there asked me a question:“If you can’t really face the selfishness within yourself, then what business do you have trying to address the selfishness in others?” I wasn’t sure exactly…

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Twelve Tribes: A Cult of ‘Demonic Seducing Spirits’

Source: Ithacans opposed to the Twelve Tribes cult  He was looking to serve God with like-minded people. He thought communal living could be spiritually lifting, a way of life rare enough to spark his interest in his quest to serve God. And members of the Twelve Tribes, with their smiles and façades of happy living,…

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Church or cult?

April 4, 2007 A Baptist told me this joke: “Why do you have to take two Baptists with you when you go fishing? Because if you just take one, he’ll drink all your beer.” The subject of what distinguishes a church from a cult came up in the comments section.  I ran across a proposed…

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The Twelve Tribes….. Who are they?

Source: MM Outreach.Inc October 2004 The Twelve Tribes communes are springing up all over North America, drawing off followers from the various churches. They follow the teachings of Elbert Eugene Spriggs, a three-times divorced man, remarried for the fourth time. Being bitterly disillusioned with the established churches, he identifies them with the Whore of Babylon,…

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An open letter to a prospective member of the “Messianic Communities” cult (a.k.a. “The Twelve Tribes”)

Source: christians This open letter was originally addressed to Kevin, a prospective member of an organization which calls itself Messianic Communities (and also The Twelve Tribes). Editor’s note to readers: Please do not confuse this cult with legitimate followers of Christ who call themselves Messianic believers or Messianic congregations or communities. I commend you…

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