The Twelve Tribes are situated in Picton and Katoomba, not far from Sydney.

For exact locations ==> 12Tribes locations in Australia

Newspaper articles

8 March 2020: The Daily Mail: Grim discovery as police digging up headquarters of Twelve Tribes religious sect ‘find the remains of at least one baby in a coffin-like box’

8 March 2020: Daily Telegraph: NSW Police unearths human remains at remote property of Twelve tribes

18 February 2020: A current affair: Cult Twelve Tribes Sydeney headquarters raided by police

14 January 2020: A current affair: What drove religious elder to leave controversial cult

9 September 2019: Daily Telegraph: Or Mathias breaks 18-year silence on life inside Twelve Tribes sect

9 September 2019: Daily Telegtraph: Twelve Tribes members speak of breaking free from secretive sect

9 September 2019: Daily Telegraph: Inside the controversial ‘Twelve Tribes’ commune: Man who spent 18 years trapped in a ‘surrendered’ state opens up about how he escaped the secretive religious sect

8 September 2019: Daily Telegraph: Secretive Twelve Tribes religious sect ‘cashing in on charity status’

7 July 2019: Daily Mail: Inside the cult cafe: How secretive religious sect ‘Twelve Tribes’ is running a popular restaurant just outside Sydney – using delicious food and friendly service to recruit new members

18 October 2018: Women’s Weekly Magazine: What is it like in the Twelve Tribes cult?

8 June 2018: An eerie night in the Blue mountains sect the Twelve Tribes

10 August 2016: Visiting the cafe that’s so good you forget it’s run by a cult

August 2015 – The Daily Telegraph – Fringe groups that have left their mark on the nation

December 2013 – Sydney Morning Herald- Secrets of the family

6 August 2008 – Blue Mountains Gazette – Controversy continues to brew over sect café

April 2008 – The Guardian: The Workers weekly – Sects and cults, thriving trade in misery

April 2008 – Sydney Morning Herald – Sect woos recruits among fairy floss

April 2008 – Sydney Morning Herald – Spare the rod, spoil the child

26 September 2007: the Ferret: Twelve Tribes Community arrives in Katoomba, Blue Mountains (NSW)

April 2004 – Sydney Morning Herald – Twelve Tribes at the Easter Show

29 December 2001 - Courier Mail - Anti-Jewish cult sets up cafe at Woodford

22 August 1999 – The Sunday Mail – Brisbane – Suffer the little children


Radio interviews

June 2006 – ABC Radio interview of ex-member of Twelve Tribes

Transcripts of TV and radio programs and interviews

June 2006 – ABC Radio interview of ex-member of Twelve Tribes

 April 2014 – SBS – Changing a mindset

TV Programs and interviews

February 2020: A current Affair – Cult Twelve Tribes Sydney headquarters raided by police

January 2020 – A current affair – Ex-leader in Australian tribe Scott Czarnecki interview

October 2019 - A current affair – Inside Australia’s secretive Twelve Tribes

December 2013 – SMH – Interview of Rosemary, ex-member of 12T in Australia

 April 2014 – SBS – Changing a mindset

April 2014 – Channel 10 – Studio 10 – Inside the world of a cult

Testimonies/articles/blogposts written by ex-members

Scott Czarnecki (Chen) Uncut interview by A Current Affair (2 hours)

Testimony of Matthew KleinMatthewKleinTestimony2016

Writings by Rosemary Cruzado:

- Rose Testimony of “cutting off” of her husband and son

- Applying the 8 Lifton’s criteria

- On Yellow Delis and Common Ground Cafes

- The Rule of Separation

Video by Rosemary Cruzado: Twelve Tribes cult mind control

Writings by another Australian ex-member

May 2012: Slavery, God’s will and the Common Ground Café

January 2012: Bottlenecks and Free enterprise

September 2011: Tired of feeling like a weirdo

Video report of traveler on meeting the Twelve Tribes in the Blue Mountains, Australia through HelpX