Quotes confirming Spriggs Authority

Spriggs Receives Unparalleled Adulation, Praise and Position “It grieves me that I was not connected or attached to Yoneq (Spriggs) ….Dullness prompted me to call you, when Yoneq should have been the one I sought wisdom from….All this stuff about Ayal’s baptism came about without Yoneq’s approval or knowledge of what was happening!” “Yoneq wants…

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Gems, pearls and diamonds – Spriggs/Yoneq Quotes

 TT (Yoneq/Spriggs) teachings concerning being “perfect” for outsiders and withholding the truth or outright lying in order to “make a stand:” “The only thing we have to be perfect in now is confessing our sins and speaking to people on the outside.  Or your conscience will haunt you night and day.” “There is a difference…

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Lying and Deception

What does the community really teach about lying? We went there to intentionally evade the truth.  Now I realize how wrong that was.  – Spoken by Former member Here, we are hoping to ‘lay low’ with the school authorities until we all move together to Lindach.  Somehow someone reported that we have children here who…

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Child Discipline

“When there is a stubborn child you should shorten the child’s life?” Whether is a stubborn child you should shorten the child’s life.  It limits the family. – Training up our children in the way they should go Yesterday I was down at the river and Yochanan (Haggai’s son) was swimming and I saw that…

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Yoneq = “Apostle”

“Shimon: “I  want to repent for my dullness.  I’m so thankful for the sensitivity and discernment Yoneq possesses.  I know I am affected deeply by my past involvement in Christianity.  I was blind in asking Grace to sing that song last night.  It was an admixture.  It is a wicked spirit that brings good feelings…

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