Child Discipline

If a father loves his son he will scour evil away from his heart.  The stroke has to reach the bottom of the heart.  If you spare it and it goes to the bottom, that much evil will remain and that is the evil they will use against parents to put them to death. – Authority

We’re not going to have a fallen motherly instinct – defending our children when a brother comes to us.  We don’t get our sword out and hack away at our brother – these are fallen instincts.  We trust when we receive a word from our brothers and sisters – that it is in season and it is a good word.  That is how our children will grow up right.  If not, they will be totally destroyed by not discerning the Body.  We can’t live by guilt – it destroys and kills. – The words we speak  7/12/94
If a child rebels in his youth or early adulthood you have failed.  The child will continue selfishly, wanting his own way.  He will have a hard time eating certain foods, difficulty with relationships with others.  Sorrow and shame continues as the parent sees the child in willful selfishness. – Authority
It is a great expression of disorder if our children ask where we are going or what we are doing.  It is not the order of authority and it is disrespectful.  An empty child asks this. – Encouragement and respect
In what ways can we offer up our children to Molech today?  Public school is the obvious way.  That would appease Molech and destroy the children at the same time.  When we give our children something our Father is not pleased with, this is turning them over to Molech.  Breaking of Bread  1/29/94
The purpose of the rod is to break the will full resistance of the child’s rebellion which would take him to the second death. – Yoneq  10/31/90
The reason that we discipline with the balloon stick or reed like rod is because both parents can use it equally as good.  It does not require physical strength like a paddle does.  The pain of disciplining someone with a big paddle varies with the strength of the user but the rod ministers pain no matter who uses it. – Authority 4 10/31/90
A child especially in early childhood, will not willingly submit.  So you have to make the child submit.  You have to break his will so he can willingly submit. –
Authority 4  1990
Members are not to become intimidated by all this false publication on child abuse.  We are to continue on and discipline our children and even more severe if we need to.  If you have fears about this then you need to repent.  Cause doubts and fears are of the devil.  If we do not discipline our children, there will be no second generation.  Therefore, there will be no church or demonstration of God’s kingdom on earth.  The rod to our children’s butt is the same as the Holy spirit to us adults.  It’s brought to correct them. – Elbert Spriggs
This doesn’t so much allow the child the opportunity to pick and choose what he wishes to learn.  In the body it is predetermined – the parents know, they have insight so they can pray for that child to walk in that way.  He should go that way.  He will do this if you train him according to that calling that unique way – and he won’t depart from it – it is from the Holy spirit. –Training up our children in the way they should go  11/22/88
The child’s clothes are removed entirely and they are made to stand….facing a wall or a radiator or whatever they can hold on to.  Then for a good half hour, the rod is applied anywhere from the top of their head to the bottom of the feet….the whole concept is to terrorize the child because the child does not know when and where the next blow will occur. – Linda Kelly (Former member)
Child training begins at birth.  Must not wait till child can ‘reason’ before disciplining…..The rod produces proper reasoning. – Elders meeting  2/1178
Blame yourselves for your children’s problem’s, not them. – New thing, Jeremiah 31:22  6/20/90
Spanking both clears the child’s conscience and frees him from condemnation by the enemy.  They can look back to the time of forgiveness and restoration.  This makes them happy.  The child remembers it and can rest. – child training  3/20/91
The anointing is in the father.  If they receive us (the father), they will receive the anointing. – Foolishness  10/10/87
Be reasonable and understanding and get them to admit what they did wrong and tell you why they are receiving their discipline.  Make sure they understand the teaching on confession.  Go into detail about sin and how you need to understand you can be forgiven and cleansed.  They should sense their forgiveness.  Have them tell you the nature of the offense so that their guilt will be removed by the discipline. – Child training  3/20/91
Playing with children (tickling, wrestling, saying something I don’t mean) causes children to lose respect for us because we are lowering ourselves to their level.  Our words should always weigh heavily upon our children. – Foolishness  10/10/87
To curse means to even just utter a wish of evil: ‘I wish something would happen to them.  I wish they would get sick.  I hate them.’  That is a curse. – Authority 5
Proverbs 13:24 says that if you love your child you will be diligent to discipline him.  So therefore if you are not diligent to discipline him, then you actually hate the child.  Your love fails – it turns into hate. – Ahavah 3 – Love never fails  9/13/89
The father told his child to go out to the front and she resisted but then she went, but she went very slow.  That is passive rebellion.  Not with all of her heart….
Ahavah 3 – Love never fails  9/13/89
Their parents bring them under control by force and they learn willingly to submit to their parents of their own free will by the time they are youths.  Until then, children’s will is just self will if left to their own. – Authority 6  9/25/90
….The parents right to rule includes the power to force obedience in “all things.”  This is approved by the New Covenant.  Children are under involuntary servitude of their parents until they are youths when they mature and become fruitful adults in the Body.  Children are helpless in themselves to submit for they do not know how to submit since they are not equal to their parents; they do not have mature wills, which are developed by the rod. – Authority 6  9/25/90
We know that the “stripes that wound” spoken of in Proverbs 20:30 is not constituted ‘injury’ by the merciful loving God because it is under the control of a loving parent who is obeying the word of God.  These stripes are the only way the heart can be reached.  Injury is to impair soundness of health; to wound.  But stripes or marks from loving discipline shows love by the parent. – Authority 5  9/25/90
If a father coddles his son he will bandage his wounds.  If you play with your son he will bring sorrow to you.  If you share his laughter then you will share his sorrow.  – Letter from Abel
If we don’t receive a love for the truth and pass it on to our children then we will allow them to grow up and become homosexuals.  Because fallen spirits will take them over if we are not passing on the Holy Spirit to them. – Letter from Abel  4/6/85
If we circumcise our children when they are eight days old, that means we are to raise them up to be able to judge themselves rightly.  We do this by the rod and reproof….  We are like the Holy Spirit to them – we teach them their motives.
Dedicated nation  12/7/92
Prov. 20:30 – the word is clear: fruit from a good tree is good.  Our Master said a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  Our father has provided His truth to enable every parent to receive a blessing rather than a curse.  Receiving a curse is being cut off from Israel or from the kingdom.  Receiving a blessing is to be worthy of the kingdom. – Authority 1  9/18/90
Exasperation for a child is a parent being to exacting, cold, restricting with no love.  Exasperation is also a parent being warm permissive, too easy, gushy letting the child do as he pleases. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/8/88
Bad authority is better than no authority.  We must teach our children to respect authority if it’s good or not so good.  We can’t raise them to expect utopia. –
Training meeting  10/10/89
To be Abraham’s seed a father has to have supreme authority over his family.  It must be that our children do not reason, do not ask questions, but they obey. –
Breaking of bread  6/3/89
Confession is an essential part of child training.  The child should agree with the parent when they declare him wrong.  The child should admit he was wrong and the parent determine and judge if he has truly repented. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/8/88
We shouldn’t kiss our young children all the time ….  Then the youngest becomes king and when he grows up he wonders what happened to all the attention.  Excessive kissing breeds worthlessness…… – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/15/88
The parents word to the children is the same as YHWH’s word to His people in Sinai.  The parents word is law to the child, absolute law.  If a child has a rebellious heart he won’t respond to the law.  Parents are accountable to Him for the obedience of their children. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/16/88
We need to be sensitive to the advice from our brothers and sisters in child training.  This is where isolated parents always fall.  These parents believe their child over a respected person in the Body. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/16/88
The child should be trained to acknowledge our instructions.  They should acknowledge by saying with respect “yes Mommy or yes Daddy.”  Their tone of voice must be genuine.  We must detect passive rebellion. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/16/88
The deed and not the reason is what is important in a child’s disobedience.  We should not ask the child what they are doing but we should point out their rebellion.  These are actual enemies of Messiah.  We must teach our children to say no to these spirits and attitudes. – Apostolic Workers Meeting  3/16/88
The child who has learned to reason has been raised up by an over protective defensive parent.  He has been excessively shielded by an anxious insecure mother.  We know this because we have seen it happen through the death of Mary.  It is an over protecting, sheltering, defensive ‘momism’ of excessive adoration and over sentimentalism.  Some mothers do this.  It is like an Oedipus complex where children especially males between the ages of 3 and 6 are over mothered, overprotected, over defended.  They see their parents defending them all the time and they become arrogant and rebellious because a spirit goes into them at that age.  In their adolescence their repressed feelings come out and they have hostile impulses, mal behaviors.  It is the result of clinging, sheltering, over protective mothers who deny the child emotional freedom.  They set up a neurosis in the child.  – Reasoning  11/18/90