Twelve Tribes mother admited bashing her child, receives her court sentence

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine January 26, 2016 Von Jan Kandzora Translated from the German When members of the Twelve Tribes stood in court, they failed to defend themselves of the newspaper allegations.  Even so, a 53 year old mother conceded that she thrashed her child.  RTL Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk secretly recorded video of baptized Twelve Tribes…

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Twelve Tribes Communities. A warning [from a fellow traveler]

Source: From Vagabond, posted on 25 of January 2016 So mainly in the northeast but also in Tennessee, Georgia, and even Europe there’s this group they call themselves the 12 tribes. They are really really (like freakishly) nice to travelers, and recruit them for the communities. Basically they invited you back to the compound,…

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Twelve Tribes begins construction on Main Street project-Jan.2016

Source: The The sign went up, the store closed and the work has begun. A new two-story café, another store, a private theater and a connecting courtyard are what’s coming for 53-57 and 59-61 Main St.   By Emily Clark Posted Jan. 21, 2016 at 10:00 AM PLYMOUTH – The sign went up,…

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