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Posts with Yoneq/Eugene Spriggs tagFor those who have a limited time and want to see some of the best info on the Twelve Tribes please take a look at those:

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40 mns TV documentary from Germany with Eng. subtitles. A journalist infiltrates the community in Bavaria and obtains evidence of child abuse-2013


7 mn video interview of ex-member by Sydney Morning Herald, article to go with it


Scholarly essay by Sociologist Stephen Kent: “House of Judah, the Northeast Kingdom Community, and ‘the Jonestown Problem, Downplaying Child Physical Abuses and Ignoring Serious Evidence



vvvKnown cases of pedophiles in the Twelve Tribes




Long TV interview of former TT leaders in the US


Excellent article from the Daily Beast-August 2016
parcast 12 tribes

Podcast on Twelve Tribes 2018 USA



European Court of Human Rights 2018 Judgment on parents members v/ Germany concerning the removal of children from TT in 2013





The world's only true christians

48 mns US/Canada TV documentary from 80′s. Island Pond, ex-members, child abuse, baby graves