From Commune to College: One Young Woman’s Road to Independence

Samantha Brosseau was raised in a strict Christian commune. At age 18, she decided to run away to escape her oppressive lifestyle and go to college – but leaving wasn’t nearly as simple as she’d hoped. Tonic, California/July 19, 2010 By Lisa DeBenedictis Samantha Brosseau twists her ring around her finger absentmindedly. It consists of…

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Twelve Tribes cited; burn violated Vermont’s air laws

Source: Brattleboro Reformer Howard Weiss- Tisman July 10, 2010 Westminister, Vt – The state is alleging that members of the Twelve Tribes violated Vermont air pollution control regulations when they burned the remnants of the former Oonas restaurant on their farm in Westminister. The religious group was also cited for illegally operating a solid waste…

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