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Question12 Tribes, an Info Hub about the organization behind:

Twelve Tribes of Israel, Twelve Tribes Communities, Mate Factor, Yellow Deli Cafe, Messianic Communities, The Commonwealth of Israel, Zwölf Stämme, Tabitha's Place, Douze Tribus, Comunidades de las Doce Tribus, Yellow Deli in Kyoto, Common Sense Farm, The Preserved Seed, Common Ground Cafes, As Doce Tribos, North East Kingdom, Messianic Communites,Dvanáct kmenů, Peacemaker bus, Merrymaker bus. The Twelve Tribes are also sometimes referred to as "The Twelve Tribes cult" Morning Star Ranch, Valley Center, The Yellow Deli and Farm Stand in Valley Center, Community in Vista, The Yellow Deli in Vista, Maté Factor Café in Manitou Springs, Community in Manitou Springs, The Yellow Deli in Boulder, Community in Boulder, Mount Sentinel Village Farm, The Yellow Deli in Nelson, Yellow Deli in Chilliwack (Vancouver area), Fairfield Farm (Vancouver area) , Common Ground Cafe in Courtenay, New Sprout Farm, Community in Courtenay - New Sprout Farm, Fieldstone Orchard in Overbrook, Community in Lawrence, Community at the Lake of Ozarks, Common Ground Café on the Osage in Warsaw Missouri, Community in Winnipeg Common Sense Storehouse Teahouse and Bakery (Winnipeg), The Yellow Deli at the Heritage House, Pulaski, Community in Pulaski, Community in Marshall, Community in Marshall, The Yellow Deli in Chattanooga, Community in Chattanooga, Gladheart Farm, Community Conference Center, Community in Brunswick, Maté Factor in Savannah, Community in Savannah, Community in Hamburg, Community in Arcadia, Stoneybrook Farm (DC Area), Stoneybrook Farm Market in Hillsboro, Community in Fort Myers Community in Ithaca, Maté Factor Ithaca, The Yellow Deli in Kingston, Community in Kingston, Community in Oneonta, The Yellow Deli Oak Hill, The Yellow Deli Oneonta, Community in Oak Hill, Community in Coxsackie, The Common Sense Farm, Community in Rutland, The Yellow Deli in Rutland, Community in Bellows Falls, Simon the Tanner in Island Pond, Community in Island Pond, Simon the Tanner in Lancaster, Community in Lancaster, Community in Boston, BOJ Farms Massachusetts, Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Community in Plymouth, Common Ground Café in Hyannis, Community in Hyannis, Community at Stentwood Farm, Tea Room at Stentwood Farm , Common Sense Store in San Sebastian, Community in San Sebastián, Community in Irun (Barracas), Community in Sus, Au coeur du grain Toulouse, Preserved Seed Farm in Czech, Farma Ovčárna, Community in Londrina, Café Chão Comum, Community in Campo Largo Rodovia do Café, Semilla Preservada in Buenos Aires, Community in Buenos Aires, Community in Coledale, Peppercorn Creek Farm, Community in Katoomba (Balmoral House), Yellow Deli in Katoomba, Common Ground Bakery at Razorback