Inside the tribe-Podcast featuring many TT ex-members


One Comment On “Inside the tribe-Podcast featuring many TT ex-members”

  1. Interesting Podcast however pretty old testimonies (Klein, Colucci, Rose+Mark).
    Very well done and pretty detailed but questions remain.
    I still don’t get why Twelve Tribes is seemingly going hard against some members up to telling them to go while on the other hand letting other people with bad sexual conduct remain. I always thought that sexual issues would be like a “death penalty” in a conservative mennonite-like community resulting in ban. Is it the importance of someone to the group?

    Also, I don’t like people critizising the TT for the Cham-teaching which isn’t unique to the group, but actually quite common in messianic circles. And the Cham-teaching isn’t neccessarily a bad one. For me as a Christian Identity believer in former times (Christian Identity believe non-whites as being beasts of the field (non-Adamic, nun-human)), hearing the Cham-teaching was a revolution/ eye-opener to me: because the Cham-teaching effectively tells You that they are not only humans, but YOUR FIRST GRADE BLOOD BROTHERS. And – whether cursed or not – one usually loves all of his brother. Visiting Twelve Tribes and other messianic preachers changed my view on this topic 100%

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