More than good food part1

This initial video begins to explore a few issues related to the Twelve Tribes and their business fronts Yellow Deli and farmer’s market booth, which are used to recruit and fundraise in Nelson, BC Canada. The main topics that are featured here are “child discipline” trans/homo-phobia and the structure of the organization behind the Twelve…

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A religious cult makes Kingston its home

Source: The Yellow Deli is across the street from 655 Princess March 9, 2018 In the shadow of a new multi-story student housing development on Princess St., a seemingly-innocuous local restaurant sprung up in the summer of 2016. On its surface, the Yellow Deli is a great spot to grab a Reuben and a…

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Known cases of child sex offenders allowed in the Twelve Tribes

compiled here for purpose of research:   2004-Broward Palm BeachNew Times: Protect the Abuser,The Twelve Tribes sect defends its own aiding accused child molesters 2005 member arrested for abuse-5 years later 2005-The Caledonian record: Massa. Man Cited For Sex Abuse Had Links To Church-2005 2007-Boston Globe: Former Island Pond Church Teacher Gets Time Served…

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The Lil Yellow Deli hopes to help fill the void the Sleepless Goat left in Kingston

Source: The Kingston 25 May 2016                                        By Mandy Marciniak News – When the Sleepless Goat closed in Kingston, many were upset; the downtown coffee collective was always thought of as an inclusive and inviting space and many were sad to see it go. Luckily, a new deli is hoping to bring those same types…

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Matthew Klein testimony-2016

I was born in 1969.  I earned a degree in Applied Science (Chemistry), Graduate Diploma in Education, and was 4 years into a part time Masters of Polymer Chemistry when I met the group known as the Twelve Tribes.  I married Tysha Coyne in September 1994 and together we produced three children, Tessa born January…

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