Known cases of child sex offenders allowed in the Twelve Tribes

compiled here for purpose of research:

25 June 1985: FBI files report on founder of sect

2000 – Testimony from woman who grew up in the 12T: In the seventh day he violated me

2004-Broward Palm BeachNew Times: Protect the Abuser,The Twelve Tribes sect defends its own aiding accused child molesters member arrested for abuse-5years later
2005-The Caledonian record: Massa. Man Cited For Sex Abuse Had Links To Church-2005
2007-Boston Globe: Former Island Pond Church Teacher Gets Time Served in Sex Case
2014-Burlington free press: Jury awards $35M to victim of sex abuse
2013-PrinceGeorgeCitizenNews: Man convicted after ‘bizarre’ child-porn confession
2014-Cap Cod Times-Lawyer: Convicted abuser dodging payment
2015-CBC Manitoba: Controversy over children’s safety at religious community
2015-CBC Manitoba: Controversial religious group Twelve Tribes reported to Cybertip