Backs to the world

Source: De espaldas al mundo-El Pais El Pais J. M. Marti Font – Paris November 24, 2006 Translated from the Spanish (Cheryl Web mistress) Authorities in France are investigating a cult which fails to educate their children.  They do not cut their hair, but the men wear it in shoulder length ponytails.  Elbert Eugene Spriggs…

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Tabitha’s Place: Former followers file complaint

Source:Le Parisien November 24, 2006 Jean-Marc Ducos Translated from the French (Cheryl – web mistress of Twelve A family of five children, who lived for five years at Tabitha’s Place community in Sus, France, filed a complaint stating the cult abused them when they were at their weakest.  They lived a real ordeal before…

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Authorities have discovered in the Pyrenees-Atlantic a community where the children and its members are “cut off from society.”

Le November 22, 2006 Translated from the French (Cheryl – web mistress) ***Certain liberties were taken with the original French text in describing the Twelve Tribes and Elbert Eugene Spriggs. Several members of the Parliamentary Commission on sects visited Tabitha’s Place, a community based in Sus, near Pau (Pyrenees Atlantic) to investigate with the…

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