Testimonies from relatives of members

2009 USA North Carolina “These people are pure evil and hide behind a religious banner”, a testimony from husband and father who had to fight to get his son back.

2015 Canada, Winnipeg “Help, a cult stole my wife”, a cry for help and warning from husband and father who lost his wife and had to fight to gain custody of his son.

2015 Canada, Nelson “EL Survivor woman, wife of Canadian member recounts her ordeal with the 12 Tribes in Nelson” –Download: Here

2008 Spain- Man claims his son has been kidnapped by sect

2000 USA-Hamburg- Sameness spoils commune life for ex-member- Interview with ex TT member Cheryl Lewczyk and her mother Shirley

1998 USA – A father’s story

1996 USA Hamburg - Grip of ‘Community’ Worries Some – Cheryl’s story from parents perspective

1980-Chattanooga, USA: Relative of member saw truth

1980-Chattanooga Times - Church experience of a daughter told