I had no childhood. I have toiled.

June 17, 2014 Patrick Guyton Tagesspiegel Translated from the German Life after the Twelve Tribes cult There are approximately 15 large houses here, and sheds, utility rooms, greenhouses and lots of farm land. His parents were members of the Bible-based “Twelve Tribes” cult. For years, Christian Reip and his siblings were abused and beaten. Now…

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Staying with a cult

This is the market, the public face of Twelve Tribes. Source: Wander for life June 16-18. Stonybrook Organic Farm, Hillsboro, VA. I needed a vacation from my vacation–a few days off the trail where I could eat healthy food, do something different, but not spend a fortune. On my ‘Bucket List’ is working for stay…

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Twelve Tribes members suspected in Tirol

DerStandard Patrick Guyton and Julia Hernböck June 14, 2014 Translated from the German A former member tells of his experiences of violence in the Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult. Bible-based cult Twelve Tribes was drawn along with their children a few weeks ago to Austria to avoid German compulsory education. Klosterzimmern/Vienna – Once, recalls Christian Reip,…

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General facts about the Twelve Tribes cult

Augsburger Allgemeine June 4, 2014 Translated from the German (Some textual liberties were taken – ex. calling Twelve tribes “Bible based cult” This is truly what they are! After the police raid in September 2013 of the controversial Twelve Tribes sect in Swabia and Franconia more parents and their children seem to have turned their…

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Twelve Tribes A to Z

  A to Z A dangerous cult The most dangerous cult of all About How the Twelve Tribes recruit young people Ithaca Narcissistic Personality Disorder Elbert Eugene Spriggs and the nine criteria for narcissistic personality disorder The Cult Leader Primer “Tales of the Victim’s Life” The cult of the narcissist The Personality Disorders Newspaper Articles…

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