Ireland’s Secret Cults

We look at a number of Cults that are operating in Ireland, including ‘The House of Prayer’, ‘Palmarians’ and ‘Scientologists’ We speak with ex Scientology members as they blow the lid on one of the most famous cults of all time! ‘Exposed: Ireland’s Secret Cults’ airs Tonight Monday 26th September, 2011 at 9pm on TV3…

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Child abuse and unpaid work in the Bible -based Twelve Tribes cult

Note: Some liberties were taken with the text.  For example – where the original author calls the Twelve Tribes “a community of faith,” I call it a Bible -based cult.  That’s really what they are!  The German/English translator (Cheryl) Von Philipp/earthlink August 11, 2014 Translated from the German In September 2013 RTL -Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk…

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Twelve Tribes FAQ

Source: August 2014 Q: Why do all your men wear beards and tie their hair in ponytails? A: Our men grow beards because we require it of them.  Also the Old Testament book of Ezekiel refers to priests who kept their hair bound at the back of the neck and who trim their hair….

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Children are systematically beaten – sect still speaks of “movie filled with cheap lies.”

Express.DE August 5, 2014 Translated from the German The parents and “teachers” of the Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult regularly beat their children in the name of religion. This is systematic child abuse in the Bavarian countryside. RTL- Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk made recordings last year with a hidden camera of the Twelve Tribes sect in Klosterzimmern….

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