God drilled into will-less young ones

source: Suddeutsche Zeitung – 31 October 2014 Robert Pleyer was a member of the faith community “Twelve Tribes”. In a book the ex-member describes how children are ill-treated. It also concerns his own daughter. When Robert Pleyer’s daughter Asarah is eight months old, he ill-treats her for the first time. She sits on his lap,…

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Twelve Tribes religious group targeted by child abuse allegations

CBC A Winnipeg religious group is concerned about a letter circulating in the Wolseley area alleging that they abuse children. “Whoever wrote it, they were so inconsiderate they didn’t even put their name on it,” said Maurice Welch, a member of the Winnipeg arm of Twelve Tribes, a Christian sect with communities around the world. “The allegations…

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Twelve Tribes defends use of sticks to discipline children

CBC Child and Family Services says it’s looking into allegations children might be abused A Winnipeg religious group called Twelve Tribes is defending the way it physically disciplines children, using a type of stick. Manitoba’s child welfare authorities said they are looking into the group after CBC’s story earlier this week. Twelve Tribes, a Christian…

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